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Kaya is a free, global online learning platform specifically designed to provide courses for those working in the humanitarian sector. It offers both online and in-person learning opportunities relating to a broad range of topics, from the essentials of humanitarian work to technical and programmatic areas, as well as personal and professional development tools. The full course catalogue is here, and users can find out more about the platform here.

Kaya was created by the Humanitarian Leadership Academy, a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that is part of Save the Children, a charity registered in the United Kingdom. The leadership academy’s mission is to train aid workers to prepare for and respond to crises in their own countries. With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Kaya published new training courses related to the virus and the disease it causes, Covid-19, and to public health in general.

Kaya is available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish. 

Course lengths vary from a few hours to a few weeks, and some offer certificates directly from Kaya. 

Kaya is responsive both on computers and mobile devices. A mobile app allows users to download courses so they can continue learning even without an Internet connection, and then upload their progress to their profile once they re-connect to the Internet. 

How Does it Work?

Kaya offers 476 self-directed online courses, as well as games, quizzes, and “learning pathways” (longer and more extensive courses). Kaya allows users to track their progress on the website itself, records their grades and certificates and suggests other courses that they might be interested in.

Costs and Financial Aid:

The majority of courses on Kaya are free, unless specified otherwise.

Ease of Use of the Platform and Visual Style:

Kaya’s website has a streamlined, user-friendly format, and the courses are supported through an interactive platform and plenty of graphics. 

Academic Disciplines and Subjects Included:

Humanitarian leadership, safeguarding, public health, non-government organization management, operations, humanitarian law, field programming.

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