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Measuring Quality in Higher Education Is a Tricky Proposition

Chester D. Haskell / 08 Feb 2018 / Opinion

Students need to understand what lies behind accreditation before they rely on it to make decisions, a consultant says.

Egyptian Researchers Hope to Use Nanotechnology to Treat Diabetes

Tarek Abd El-Galil / 02 Feb 2018 / News

A team from several research institutions is using the technology to make a well-known herbal extract more effective.

Start-Ups Trying to Improve Lives Get a Boost From the U.N.

Jacob Wirtschafter / 30 Jan 2018 / News

Young technology companies in Turkey and the West Bank are among six firms that recently won grants from Unicef’s Innovation Fund.

Fathers May Be Key to Improving Education in the Middle East

Natasha Ridge / 29 Jan 2018 / Opinion

A scholar who studies the links between paternal involvement and children’s performance in school calls on policy makers to give fathers more support.

New Book Outlines Power-Sharing Plans for Post-War Syria

Edward Fox / 25 Jan 2018 / News

Academics offer ideas for a political settlement in Syria, emphasising reconciliation and the role of community groups.

North Sinai: ‘Studying Here Is Impossible’

Amr EL-Tohamy / 23 Jan 2018 / News

University students in Egypt’s most troubled province, long targeted by terrorist attacks, face extreme difficulties in continuing their studies.

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