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How to Write a Dissertation in Your Second Language

Katherine Firth / 12 Jan 2018 / Opinion

A writing instructor offers tips on writing a Ph.D. dissertation in English for academics who use it as a second language.

A Rare Look Inside Iraq’s Education Ministry

Muthana Al-Saleh / 11 Jan 2018 / Opinion

A young teacher from Mosul asked for, and received, unusual access to observe the agency’s operations and share concerns with its leaders.

A Student’s Primer on Accreditation

Sarah Wachter / 09 Jan 2018 / Resources

Accreditation is a puzzling term to many, but it can have a critical, lifelong affect on the choices students seeking a higher education make.

Internationally Accredited Universities and Programs

/ 08 Jan 2018 / Resources

Al-Fanar Media has compiled a list of the more than 300 higher-education institutions and programs across the Arab region that are accredited by agencies outside of their home countries.

‘Bad’ Arab Women: The Power of a Label

Ursula Lindsey / 02 Jan 2018 / Opinion

A new anthology looks at the stigma that attaches to women who challenge the status quo.

Tunisian Women Break Employment Stereotypes

Ibtissem Jamel / 19 Dec 2017 / News

In search of better jobs, Tunisian women have started to study vocational subjects traditionally taken only by men.

Shunned by Neighbors, Qatar Seeks New Research Partnerships

Eman Kamel / 18 Dec 2017 / News

The tiny Gulf nation is diversifying its research collaborations through new projects with Turkey, Oman, and Kuwait.

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