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Catalogue Reveals a Pioneering Egyptian Painter’s Legacy

Ursula Lindsey / 11 Sep 2017 / Opinion

Mahmoud Said’s oeuvre reflects an engagement with beauty, heritage, and national identity that remains relevant today.

In Malnutrition’s Aftermath, Researchers See a Hidden Crisis—Education

Benjamin Plackett / 05 Sep 2017 / News

Millions of malnourished children are at risk of problems in their cognitive development, say experts.

Libya’s Civil Disorder Has Closed 8 Universities

Khaoula Sliti / 05 Sep 2017 / News

The ongoing violence in Libya has forced many of its professors to leave and shut down eight universities.

The Palestinian Museum Hosts Its First Exhibit

Asma' Jawabreh / 31 Aug 2017 / News

Forty-eight artists contributed to an inaugural exhibit that looks at Palestinians’ aspirations through the lens of Jerusalem.

Being Barred From Studying Photojournalism Because of My Gender Didn’t Stop Me

Eman Mohammed / 28 Aug 2017 / Opinion

A Palestinian student was barred from studying photojournalism due to her gender. Still, she did not stop to pursue her dream.

Egypt Plans Radical Change in Measuring High-School Success

Tarek Abd El-Galil / 22 Aug 2017 / News

Egypt’s ministry of education plans to depart from the exclusive reliance on a single exam at the end of high school.

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