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Newspaper Pledges to Return ISIS Documents to Iraq

Ursula Lindsey / 11 Jun 2018 / Opinion

Scholars compared the New York Times’s removal of documents to past thefts of artifacts by archaeologists and armies.

Researchers See Water at Root of Tunisia’s Inequality Problem

Benjamin Plackett / 07 Jun 2018 / News

Tunisia’s rural regions need more water to share in the country’s prosperity, scholars say.

How Universities Help Nations Rebuild After War

Edward Fox / 01 Jun 2018 / Opinion

Using case studies from around the world, a new book highlights the contributions of higher education to post-conflict recovery efforts.

A Blind Architect Who Sees Buildings Philosophically

Tarek Abd El-Galil / 31 May 2018 / News

An Egyptian architect overcame his loss of vision and has succeeded by taking a distinctive approach to his profession.

Arab Youth See Region Adrift, Survey Finds

Edward Fox / 29 May 2018 / News

An annual poll of young Arab men and women provides private data for policy makers and a public report that reads the pulse of youth opinion in the region.

A Century of Arab Art, Compressed Into a Book

Ursula Lindsey / 25 May 2018 / Opinion

A new volume in an acclaimed series delves into the movements and debates that shaped modern art in the Arab world.

An Arab Researcher Seeks Solutions to Urban Pollution

Benjamin Plackett / 24 May 2018 / News

Even simple strategies, like getting older cars off the streets, could save lives, says a scientist who looks for “realistic” solutions.

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