3 days ago

    Fasting Science Urges World Muslims to Adopt Healthy Lifestyle During Ramadan

    Hundreds of millions of Muslims across the world practice intermittent fasting during Ramadan. Scientists urge them to adopt healthy behaviours…
    1 week ago

    Head of the Smithsonian Institution Talks about the Power of Culture, History and Museums

    Lonnie G. Bunch III, secretary of the United States’ Smithsonian Institution, tells a Cairo audience about his vision of what…
    February 25, 2023

    ‘Back to Alif’: Nada Abdallah’s Art Is Inspired by the Holy Letter of the Arabic Alphabet

    The artist Nada Abdallah is captivated by the letter alif. She chose the letter to show the beauty of Arabic…
    February 18, 2023

    Earthquake Tragedy Highlights Need for Arab Social Research on Natural Disasters

    After the Turkey-Syria quakes, a mass communication scholar at Alexandria University calls for the establishment of an Arab research centre…
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