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Qatar’s Museums Embrace an Educational Role

Eman Kamel / 03 Nov 2017 / News

Following a global trend, the institutions present exhibitions that prompt conversations on topics not always taught in schools.

The Complete Writings of a Revolutionary

Edward Fox / 02 Nov 2017 / News

Art and politics are inseparable in the works of Ghassan Kanafani, now collected in a definitive new edition.

New Cairo University Leader Advocates for Progressive Islam

Jacob Wirtschafter, Mina Nader / 24 Oct 2017 / News

As a philosopher, Mohamed Osman El-Khosht was devoted to Islam’s dialogue with science and other religions. Now he brings an emphasis on critical thinking to Egypt’s largest university.

The Researcher Who Wants to Tidy the Web

Benjamin Plackett / 20 Oct 2017 / News

This researcher believes the Internet has expanded without any oversight and wants to correct that.

Jordan’s Decision to Shake Up University Admissions Stirs Controversy

Ammar Faris / 19 Oct 2017 / News

The kingdom is scrapping a high-stakes high-school exit exam, but not everyone is pleased with the process that would replace it.

Sex, Lies and Scholarship

Ursula Lindsey / 18 Oct 2017 / Opinion

A journalist who interviewed Moroccan women and scholars of sexuality found a widening gap between private sexual practices and public attitudes.

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