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An ‘Audio Investigator’ Creates Revealing Landscapes of Sound

Edward Fox / 05 Oct 2018 / News

Lawrence Abu Hamdan, an artist who uses forensic techniques, uses recorded sound to create new perspectives of the world and document injustice.

Egyptian Artist Explores Themes of Identity and Belonging

Heba Elkayal / 28 Sep 2018 / News

Ibrahim Ahmed draws on his own multinational experience to make art that challenges societal constructs.

A Tribute to Samir Amin, Egyptian Economist

Georges Fahmi / 27 Sep 2018 / Opinion

The intellectual who died in August shaped some of the intellectual debate about why so-called developing countries do not make economic progress.

Arabic Podcasts Find a Growing Audience

Ursula Lindsey / 25 Sep 2018 / News

Networks in Jordan and Saudi Arabia offer listeners programs that give voice to diverse views, discuss sensitive topics, or just go where the conversation flows.

Students Lose When Countries Cut Educational Ties

Elizabeth R. Bruce / 24 Sep 2018 / Opinion

The costs go beyond disrupting academic progress. Students also miss out on valuable opportunities for building workplace skills.

Egypt Prescribes Changes for Doctors in Training

Tarek Abd El-Galil / 20 Sep 2018 / News

The new system, designed to meet international accreditation standards, will give medical students more hands-on experience in hospitals.

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