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Education in Morocco: A Plea for a Middle Way

Ursula Lindsey / 06 Apr 2018 / Opinion

Reforming the education system in Morocco requires navigating between two extremes: expensive private schools and a free public system that fails its students.

How to Ask for a Recommendation

Leonard Cassuto / 05 Apr 2018 / Opinion

Getting a recommendation letter would be difficult if students do not guide their professors, the writer says.

A Mother Calls for Equal Opportunities in Education

Suhair Abdul-Hafeez / 27 Mar 2018 / Opinion

An Egyptian writer and researcher tells of her experience, as a mother, in teaching her deaf son.

Rising Fees Make Students Quit Master’s Degrees in Egypt

Tarek Abd El-Galil / 27 Mar 2018 / News

Students seeking advanced degrees say that tuition increases at public universities are pushing some of them to give up on their ambitions.

An Influential Arab Scholar Focuses on the Health of Mothers and Newborns

Ammar Faris / 26 Mar 2018 / News

For the third year in a row, Yusuf Al-Qaoud leads two key listings of the most cited researchers in Jordan.

New Law in Egypt Supports Disabled Students

Mahmoud Shalabi / 24 Mar 2018 / Opinion

Updated legislation raises hopes of improving higher education opportunities for students with disabilities in Egypt.

Early Marriage Is Back in Spotlight in the Middle East

Gilgamesh Nabeel, Jacob Wirtschafter / 20 Mar 2018 / News

Some nations have made progress in limiting a practice that disrupts girls’ education. But traditionalists are pushing back.

Want to Improve Teaching? Listen to Teachers

Yara Hilal / 19 Mar 2018 / Opinion

Isolated workshops led by outside experts fail to tap teachers’ own expertise, says a researcher working on models for Lebanon.

The Story Behind the Planets Named After Qatar

Benjamin Plackett / 16 Mar 2018 / News

A Qatari scientist leads a search for planets of other stars that is drawing international attention.

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