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Major Scholarship Programs for Refugees

Austin Davis / 05 Nov 2018 / Resources

Although some scholarship programs for Syrians have ended, some are still expanding.

Donor Interest Fades in Scholarships for Refugees

Austin Davis / 05 Nov 2018 / News

In many countries surrounding Syria, the needs of Syrian youth for financial help accessing higher education far outweigh the supply of funds available.

A Nuanced Account of the Arab Nahda

Ursula Lindsey / 02 Nov 2018 / Opinion

A new bilingual literary anthology from the Arab renaissance of more than one hundred years ago is filled with writing that still resonates today.

Solar Industry Could Create Opportunities for Arab Women

Elizabeth R. Bruce / 01 Nov 2018 / Opinion

As some Arab countries try to wean themselves from oil and expand alternative energy development, Arab women could benefit. But they need support from corporations and universities.

A Musical Approach to Teaching Arabic

Tarek Abd El-Galil / 30 Oct 2018 / News

An Egyptian academic uses songs to help non-native speakers learn Arabic and help attract foreign students to his country.

Books in Bags Lead to Back Pain

Benjamin Plackett / 29 Oct 2018 / News

New research measured the forces on students’ spines created by heavy backpacks, and how poor posture amplifies those forces.

An Istanbul Murder Echoes in the New York Art Scene

Heba Elkayal / 26 Oct 2018 / News

In the wake of Jamal Khashoggi’s death, an effort to raise awareness of Arab art in New York proceeds despite controversy over Saudi Arabia’s financial support.

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