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Portal Gives Researchers More Public Exposure

Malak Makki / 08 May 2018 / Resources

A new project is building an open archive of research projects in the Arab region, to make that knowledge more available to the public.

Patterns of Disease Are Changing in the Arab World

Benjamin Plackett / 08 May 2018 / News

Non-communicable diseases associated with lifestyle and environment are on the rise, but disease patterns vary greatly by income levels and, in some cases, gender.

In Education, Gulf Women Don’t Focus on Jobs

Edward Fox / 07 May 2018 / News

Two studies found that women in Gulf countries are not focused on employment in their pursuit of academic degrees, but are optimistic about their futures.

Are Small Classes Best? It’s Complicated

Beckie Supiano / 06 May 2018 / Opinion

The writer describes the conversation surrounding the relationship between effective teaching and course size.

American Studies Gets an Arab Twist

Eman Kamel / 03 May 2018 / News

Despite some skepticism about its purpose, the discipline is gaining presence at Arab universities.

Syrian Higher Education Faces a Long Recovery

Zina Shahla / 02 May 2018 / News

Professors have fled, students are dropping out or struggling to balance study and jobs, and businesses complain that graduates lack skills.

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