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Some Gains, Many Sacrifices: Women’s Rights in Tunisia

Ursula Lindsey / 10 Jul 2017 / Opinion

Since the country’s independence, the position of women has been a point of both pride and controversy.

10 Iraqi Universities Rebuild In Wake of Islamic State

Gilgamesh Nabeel / 04 Jul 2017 / News

As the Iraqi-led coalition takes back territory, liberated universities are trying to serve students again.

Moroccan Researcher Follows Impact of Climate Change

Khalid Aitnasser / 29 Jun 2017 / News

Two years after joining NASA’s Atmospheric Sciences Lab, Kholoud Kahime continues her research on climate change and its impact on Morocco’s economy and society.

Cairo University President Leaves Legacy of Stability

Jacob Wirtschafter, Mina Nader / 28 Jun 2017 / News

Gader Gad Nassar steps down as president of Cairo University this month. His supporters say he has helped defend the institution from political and religious divisiveness.

Diplomatic Crisis Over Qatar Worries Gulf Educators

Eman Kamel / 27 Jun 2017 / News

As boycott persists, students face disruptions and officials warn of longer-term impact.

New Moroccan Protests Call for Fresh Scholarly Approach

Ursula Lindsey / 26 Jun 2017 / Opinion

Social scientists say analysis and debate, not a crackdown, is the best response to a powerful new protest movement.

An Arabian Tree to Fight Cancer

Benjamin Plackett / 23 Jun 2017 / News

Omani researchers are testing the reputed healing effects of frankincense.

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