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Learn about Chatbot Tutors in New Episode of Al-Fanar Media Podcast

A new episode of Al-Fanar Media Podcast explores the world of chatbot tutors, one of the notable new applications of artificial intelligence in educational technology.

You can listen to the new episode and previous episodes of the podcast through Al-Fanar Media’s accounts on SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube.

In this episode, presented by Mohammad El-Hawary, Al-Fanar Media’s editor-in-chief, we learn about the AI-powered tools called chatbot tutors. Students and teachers alike can interact with chatbot tutors through text or spoken commands to get personalised instructions and answers to questions.

Chatbot tutors have been the subject of many academic studies, including a study published last year in the journal Educational Technology Research and Development which concluded that university students’ use of chatbot tutors resulted in higher levels of engagement, satisfaction, and self-efficacy.

Another study systematically reviewed 36 papers examining the effectiveness of educational chatbots and found that they could be effective tools for supporting student learning in various fields.

Al-Fanar Media Podcast will post a new episode every Sunday. The podcasts are prepared and produced by the Al-Fanar Media team and its network of correspondents across the Arab world. Episodes in the series will tackle various issues of higher education institutions, scientific research, and the most prominent scholarship opportunities.

This project also aims to monitor the needs of the labour market and provide tips to help students develop effective study habits, prepare appropriately for future jobs, and engage with contemporary issues that affect higher education in the Arab world.

Al-Fanar Media Podcast is our organisation’s third podcast series. Earlier podcasts include “The Anglo-Arab Voice”, produced in cooperation with, and “Student Sowt”, which was prepared and produced by students from several Arab countries with the support of Al-Fanar Media and

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