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Podcast: Arab Editors Discuss Media Literacy and Importance of Fact Checking

Editors of well-known Arab news organisations discuss media literacy and the importance of fact checking news stories and other content in the latest Al-Fanar Media Podcast episode, titled “Media Literacy: Checking Information”.

You can listen to the new episode and previous ones through Al-Fanar Media’s accounts on SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube.

Mohammad El-Hawary, Al-Fanar Media’s editor-in-chief, presents the new episode, in which we learn about how the idea of media literacy started, how to spot misleading news, and Unesco’s media literacy campaign “to enable people to think critically and click wisely”.

The podcast introduces two professional experts who explain how to scrutinise information and the concept of media literacy. They are Mostafa Fathi, managing editor of Cairo360 and an information checker for Agence France-Presse, and Ahmed Atef Ramadan, managing editor of Egypt’s Al-Dustour Foundation and founder of the Radar newsletter, Egypt’s first fact checking newsletter.

The two experts discuss how to verify information in the media, and the importance of doing so in the digital era.

The episode is part of a media literacy project for Arab university students that Al-Fanar Media is conducting in cooperation with the Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice. The project includes courses on producing content and media literacy training at Arab universities.

Episodes of Al-Fanar Media Podcast are prepared by Al-Fanar Media’s team across the Arab world. Episodes tackle higher-education issues like funding scientific research in the Arab world, and offer students advice about scholarship opportunities, study tips, the needs of the labour market, and how to prepare for jobs.

Al-Fanar Media Podcast is our organisation’s third podcast series. Earlier series were “The Anglo-Arab Voice”, produced with, and “Student Sowt”, produced by students from several Arab countries with help from Al-Fanar Media and

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