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جميع مشاركات هذا المساهم

Employment Students

Job Fair Connects Students of 2 Iraqi Universities to Potential Jobs

Al-Fanar Correspondent | 16 May 2022

The event, held by the Universities of Mosul and Nineveh, included workshops on skills students need to better prepare them for the labour market.

Critical Thinking Development Employment Internationalization Students

Top 10 Leadership Skills: Definitions and Examples

Al-Fanar Correspondent | 29 Apr 2022

To hold any prestigious job or lead a team, leadership skills are inevitable. Don’t miss the top leadership skills you need in your future job.

Internationalization Research Science Students

Qatar Chooses 8 Students to Participate in STEM Forum in London

Al-Fanar Correspondent | 26 Apr 2022

A youth science competition in Qatar has selected eight students to represent the country at the London International Youth Science Forum.

The Anglo-Arab Voice: A New Podcast of Conversations with Influential Arabs in the U.K.

Al-Fanar Correspondent | 10 Mar 2022

Al-Fanar Media teamed up with Podium.me to bring you “The Anglo-Arab Voice”, a series of podcasts delving into what it means to be a British-Arab living in the United Kingdom.

Conflict Refugees Students Study Abroad

‘No Safe Corridors’: Thousands of Arab Students Are Stranded in Ukraine

Al-Fanar Correspondent | 01 Mar 2022

Many of the 10,000 Arab students in Ukraine can’t find a safe way out. Some of them talked to Agence France-Presse about their plight.

Conflict Politics Research Students

U.A.E. and Israel Strengthen Cooperation in Education and Research

Al-Fanar Correspondent | 25 Nov 2021

Building on the peace agreement signed 14 months ago, the two countries recently concluded a new agreement on educational exchanges.

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NAFSA 2021 Conference & Expo: A Meeting of International Educators

Al-Fanar Correspondent | 10 May 2021

The annual event, being held online again this year, will bring together thousands of professionals from across all aspects of international education.

Coronavirus Internet Students Technology & Online Learning

Online Platform Helps Arab Students Gain Study and Work Skills

Al-Fanar Correspondent | 16 Nov 2020

The Young Thinkers Program, created by the Abdulla Al Ghurair Foundation for Education, is becoming a popular source for courses and advice on vital skills that aren’t taught in school.

Coronavirus Inequality Internet Students Technology & Online Learning Vocational Education

Vocational Education in the Arab Region Faces Challenges in Shifting Online

Al-Fanar Correspondent | 13 Oct 2020

Vocational schools teach practical skills and enroll many disadvantaged students—a combination that’s difficult to adapt to online learning.

Academic Freedom Human Rights Politics Research

Egyptian Human Rights Scholar Detained, Fanning Broader Fears

Al-Fanar Correspondent | 17 Feb 2020

The recent imprisonment of Patrick George Zaki, a human-rights scholar and activist, renews fears about freedom of expression and freedom for researchers in Egypt.

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