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Student Sowt Podcast – Episode 5 – Challenges of a Medical Student

In this episode of Student Sowt, Safa El-Jali shares with us her journey studying medicine in Libya and gives advice to medical students and those considering entering this major.

Student Sowt spotlights the experience of university students and shares their unedited interviews and discussions talking about a range of topics that interests them. The podcast discusses issues such as the experience of medical students, the story of a 40-year old single-mom earning her master’s, bullying, changing a major, sports and more.

The episodes were completely student-produced from ideation to scriptwriting and recording with the technical support of Al-Fanar Media and

You can listen to this episode on’s Soundcloud.

New episodes every Friday 4 PM GMT throughout March 2022 on Al-Fanar Media’s Youtube Channel.

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