6 days ago

    Global University Rankings Put Universities in Developing Countries at a Disadvantage

    An Arab scholar sheds light on how global university rankings unfairly disadvantage institutions in developing nations.
    2 weeks ago

    As Heat Scorches the Region, U. of Sharjah Scientists Are Designing Buildings that Can Adapt

    U. of Sharjah scientists show how computational design technologies can help create self-learning buildings that can take the heat.
    4 weeks ago

    Interdisciplinary Education Is Essential in Today’s World, Scholar Says

    The complex problems and injustices that confront the modern world are beyond the scope of a single field, says a…
    August 1, 2023

    The United Arab Emirates: An Emerging Hub for Higher Education

    The U.A.E. increasingly is becoming a preferred destination for international study. A director at Heriot-Watt University Dubai looks at why…
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