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A Conversation with Mahmoud Abo El-Nasr: Developing Egypt’s Schools

Mohamed Elmeshad | 05 Jan 2015

The man responsible for Egypt’s primary and secondary schools talks about the education ministry’s efforts to improve educational quality.


A Conversation With the New President of Menoufia University

Mohamed Elmeshad | 28 Oct 2014

Moawaad Mohammed Al Kholi talks about some of the higher-education issues in the news, and other important ones that are not.

Academic Freedom Administration Politics

The Man in Cairo University’s Hot Seat

Mohamed Elmeshad | 12 Sep 2014

The president of one of the largest universities in the world came into power during one of the institution’s most difficult times.


Libyan Scholarship Program is Chaotic at Times

John Dyer, Mohamed Elmeshad, Reda Fhelboom | 09 Jul 2014

Students and university administrators tell of delayed payments and poor screening of those receiving scholarships.

Internationalization Study Abroad

A London Glimpse of Libyan Higher Education

Mohamed Elmeshad | 17 Jun 2014

A meeting on Libyan universities revealed the difficulties they face as they recuperate from extended isolation.

Finances Students Study Abroad

Students Turn to Donors on the Internet

Mohamed Elmeshad | 26 Apr 2014

Those who need help financing their education are sometimes turning to “crowdfunding” instead of scholarships.

Internationalization Students

Top European Destinations for Arab Students

Mohamed Elmeshad | 27 Jan 2014

European countries are less well known as international-student recruiters, but some countries are potent competitors.

Conflict Students

Raising Awareness of the Challenges Palestinian Students Face

Mohamed Elmeshad | 08 Dec 2013

Right to Education Week helps Western students understand the barriers that block many Palestinian students from getting the education they want.


North America is Becoming a More Popular Destination for Arab Students

Mohamed Elmeshad | 29 Nov 2013

More Arab students are heading to North America, while their numbers are dropping in the United Kingdom and sinking like a stone in Australia.

Students Technology & Online Learning

Beyond Facebook: Deeper Online Cultural Exchange

Mohamed Elmeshad | 20 Nov 2013

Students who participate in extended guided discussions over the Internet with peers from other countries find they become more empathetic.

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