Bulletin: Medical Student in Gaza Pleads for ‘Nightmare’ Shelling to Stop

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From the Region

Medical Student in Gaza Pleads for ‘Nightmare’ of Bombardment to Stop

On Sunday, Palestine’s Birzeit University published a video clip in which Salam, a fifth-year medical student at Al-Azhar University in Gaza, pleads for a cease-fire in Israel’s continuing bombardment of the besieged Palestinian Strip. “Every day the number of martyrs and wounded increases,” she said. “Our only request is for this nightmare to end and for the shooting to stop.”

Israel declared war on Hamas on October 7 after the militant group launched a surprise attack on Israel from its strongholds in the Gaza Strip. Since then, international groups have accused Israeli forces of war crimes including the targeting of civilians, forcible displacement, and attacks on hospitals and medical personnel in Gaza. More than 11,000 Palestinian have been killed, most of them children and women.

Algeria, Yemen to Expand Cooperation in Vocational Education

Yemen’s minister of higher education, Khaled Al-Wasabi, and Algeria’s minister of vocational education and training, Yacine Merabi, met to discuss opportunities for Yemen to benefit from Algeria’s expertise in this sector of education.

In a statement, the ministry representing Yemen’s internationally recognized government, based at Aden, said the two ministers had discussed cooperative activities in areas like qualifying and training faculty members in Yemeni vocational and technical institutes. The meeting also discussed ways to expand cooperation within the framework of a bilateral agreement the two countries signed in September. Under that agreement, Algeria provides 20 scholarships to Yemeni students in vocational training and education.

Qatar Medical Conference Announces Major Study on Genomics of Autism

Sidra Medicine, a state-of-the-art hospital and medical education centre located in Qatar’s Education City, is holding its annual Precision Medicine and Functional Genomics Conference (PMFG 2023) this week in Doha. On Sunday, the conference’s second day, Sidra Medicine announced the publication in the prestigious journal Genome Medicine of a major study titled “Genomic Architecture of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Qatar: The BARAKA-Qatar Study”.

According to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Khalid Fakhro, lead author of the study and chief research officer at Sidra Medicine, said the project was the first study of its kind. “We sequenced the whole genomes of over 350 families with autism, with data representing predominantly Arab and other ethnicities. This method allowed us to look for all the possible genetic variants that can contribute to autism and explain the genetic risk of autism in these families.”

PMFG 2023 continues through Tuesday. Fakhro said the conference aims to exchange knowledge, strategies, and the latest scientific research methods and results, in a way that contributes to making precision medicine and genomics programmes more organised and powerful.

Bulletin: Medical Student in Gaza Pleads for ‘Nightmare’ Shelling to Stop
The Precision Medicine and Functional Genomics Conference (PMFG 2023) was held this week in Doha. (Photo: QNA)

University of Jordan Delegation Visits University College London

A delegation from the University of Jordan, headed by the dean of student affairs, Safwan Al-Sheyab, recently visited University College London to discuss ways of cooperating in the field of student work.

In a statement, the University of Jordan said that the two sides discussed possible cooperation in extracurricular and cultural activities carried out by the Students’ Union UCL, and ways to develop Jordanian student clubs by benefiting from the experience of the British university’s students.

Taif University Is Hiring Assistant Professors in 29 Majors

Saudi Arabia’s Taif University is seeking to fill a number of full-time positions for assistant professor lecturers in 29 specialisations in the university’s faculties. According to the Saudi Press Agency, the university on Monday opened a 10-day period for receiving applications from qualified male and female candidates. The names of finalists selected for personal interviews will be announced by December 25.

The vacant positions are in various engineering specialisations, including industrial engineering, systems engineering, computer engineering, and communications and network engineering. The university will also fill positions in interior design, biochemistry, physiology, obstetrics and gynaecology, nutrition and food science, e-marketing, tourism marketing, and other majors.

From Al-Fanar Media

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Digital Archive Tirazain Aims to Preserve Traditional Palestinian Embroidery

The Palestinian American entrepreneur Zain Masri created Tirazain, a digital library of traditional Palestinian embroidery, to document, preserve and reclaim a culturally important element of Palestinian heritage. In an interview with Al-Fanar Media, Masri said that Tirazain honours the generations of Palestinian women who created the 1,000 cross-stitch designs it documents. Read more in this article


How Should Universities Respond to the Challenges of ChatGPT?

Using the AI chatbot, anyone can enter a question and have a unique answer generated in whatever format they desire. This is far different from an internet search, which identifies existing text. ChatGPT draws on available information and creates new documents, such as answers to multi-part questions or complete term papers, along with references. How should university professors deal with that? Logan Cochrane, an associate professor in the College of Public Policy at Hamad Bin Khalifa University, suggests some ideas. Read more here.


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