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Education Leaders Say More Versatile Skills Will Be Needed for Future Job Markets

Eman Kamel | 26 Jun 2022

At a forum in Doha, education policy leaders agreed that education needs a transformative change to respond to the labour market’s changing needs.

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UniMed Leader Calls for More Cooperation on a ‘Planet That Belongs to All of Us’

Mohammad El Hawary | 23 Jun 2022

As UniMed’s 2022 conference closes, speakers re-emphasise the need for greater cooperation among institutions and societies to address urgent global issues.

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Lebanese Academic Rana Sawaya Is Chosen to Lead University College of Bahrain

Samar Kadi | 23 Jun 2022

Years of passion and hard work have paid off for Rana Sawaya, who is expected to be named the Bahraini university’s official president soon.

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Speakers at UniMed Assembly Stress Need for Partnerships and Future Skills

Mohammad El Hawary | 22 Jun 2022

The organisation’s director called for greater integration of societies across borders and cultural barriers to meet common challenges.

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UniMed’s General Assembly to Discuss University Cooperation in Times of Crisis

| 21 Jun 2022

UniMed, the Union of Mediterranean Universities, is holding its 2022 general assembly this week in Amman, hosted by the University of Jordan.

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How to Secure a Job in Changing Labour Market

Hatem Kenawi | 04 Jun 2022

It’s understandable that students may be anxious about how to find a job these days. Here are some practical ideas about how to get started.

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New U.K. Visa Aims to Attract Graduates of Top-Ranked Universities

Gilgamesh Nabeel | 31 May 2022

Some academics say the new visa pathway is “deeply inequitable” because it relies on international rankings that disfavour universities in poor countries.

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Women Make Rapid Gains in Saudi Workforce, Ambassador Says

Tim Arlott | 28 May 2022

Women’s participation in the Saudi workforce has reached 36 percent, surpassing the 30-percent goal set for 2030, the ambassador told a London forum.

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Arab World Underinvests in Digital Economy, Says Arab Academic Leader

Tim Arlott | 26 May 2022

Arab countries must invest more in the digital economy, the head of the Association of Arab Universities told a London conference.

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Preparing for Future Jobs: U.A.E. Event Explores Changes Ahead for Education

Ismail Alashwal | 24 May 2022

The Education Interface Exhibition brings together institutions, experts and students to discuss the skills graduates will need for future jobs and professions.

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