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Iraqi Cheating Scandal Triggered by Militia Visits

Gilgamesh Nabeel | 30 Jul 2014

Armed fighters showed up at testing centers offering the answers to questions. Some administrators chased them off. Some didn’t.

Scholarships Study Abroad

Iraqi Students Seeking Scholarly Homes

David Wheeler | 14 Jun 2014

U.S. universities have not connected with Iraqi students holding scholarships. A few institutions are trying to change that.


Why I Left the “Dream Profession”

Gilgamesh Nabeel | 14 May 2014

A story of how Arab universities steered a man away from his true passions, until he seized control.


In Western Iraq, a University Barely Hangs On

| 11 May 2014

Conflict in Al Anbar province has left some students not knowing when they will have class.

Iraqi Academics Gloomy About Nation’s Elections

| 02 May 2014

Iraqi professors, who have been targets of violence, see little hope the elections will change that.

Conflict Faculty Politics Profiles

A Conversation with the Iraqi Minister of Higher Education

Mohammed Al-Rubaie | 02 May 2014

Iraq’s security problems are not preventing it from establishing new universities and ending “mandatory ignorance,” said the Iraqi higher-education minister.


Attack at Iraqi University Kills 5

Gilgamesh Nabeel, John Dyer | 24 Apr 2014

A Shiite university appears to have been caught up in the conflict between an Al Qaeda-sponsored group and Shiite militias.


A Step Toward Employment: Career Centers

Sarah Lynch | 04 Apr 2014

Some universities are helping students think about their future jobs and learn the skills they need to get them.

Academic Freedom Conflict

Education under Attack: Eight Arab Countries Affected

Rasha Faek | 09 Mar 2014

A new report documents the effects of armed conflict on schools, universities and those who work and study at them.

Finances Salaries

The Economic Struggle of Public-University Professors

Al-Fanar Media Reporting Team | 13 Jan 2014

In academe, those who teach the majority of Arab youth often have difficulty paying their bills.

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