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Slamming the Door in Syrian Faces

Rasha Faek, Sarah Lynch | 01 Nov 2016

Syrians seeking to leave their country and neighboring countries to reach greater economic and educational opportunity are finding themselves trapped.

Gender Refugees

Supporting Women’s Leadership for a Post-Conflict Syria

Sarah Lynch | 20 Oct 2016

Scholarships and other programs seek to build what Syria will need when war is over.

Internationalization Students Study Abroad

Some Arab Youth Study Abroad Close to Home

Sarah Lynch | 26 May 2015

Increasingly, some Arab students prefer universities within the region rather than in Europe or the United States.

Gender Human Rights Religion Students

Child Brides in Egypt Are Blocked from Education

Sarah Lynch | 18 May 2015

Researchers are delving into the causes of child marriage and trying to learn how to prevent it.

Academic Freedom Faculty Politics

Prominent Egyptian Scholar Sentenced to Death in Absentia

Benjamin Plackett, Sarah Lynch | 17 May 2015

Emad Shahin says “draconian injustice” prevails as he and over 100 others face capital punishment in Egypt.


U.S. and Egypt Announce Multi-Million Dollar “Academic Aid”

Sarah Lynch | 28 Apr 2015

The U.S. is contributing $250-million for a slew of scholarships, academic exchanges and partnerships to support economic development in Egypt.

Health & Medicine Research Students

In the UAE, Calls for Health-Care Education to Expand

Sarah Lynch | 27 Apr 2015

The demand for health care education is clear. The question is how to meet it, say United Arab Emirates educators.


Even in Egypt, Syrian Refugees Struggle to Access Higher Education

Sarah Lynch | 06 Apr 2015

Some refugees are unable to afford costs associated with getting undergraduate degrees or to pay fees for masters’ or doctoral degrees, leaving them in limbo.

Arts & Culture Conflict Conservation

Iraqis Watch Antiquities Take Hit After Hit

Gilgamesh Nabeel, Sarah Lynch | 23 Mar 2015

University protests can’t stop antiquities destruction and looting in Iraq as archaeologists struggle to assess the damage from afar.

Conflict Students

New Egyptian Law Firm Fights for Student Rights

Sarah Lynch | 17 Mar 2015

A newly founded legal team offers students courtroom support and monitors rights violations on campuses in Egypt.

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