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Gender Research

Early Efforts Seek to Solve the Gulf Gender Gap

Eman Kamel, Sarah Lynch | 16 Mar 2015

A new strategy will encourage young Qatari men to enroll in universities, but more is needed to combat the problem regionally.


A Growing Number of Arab Universities Seek International Accreditation

Sarah Lynch | 15 Mar 2015

Arab universities are increasingly seeking international recognition for the entire institution.

Profiles Research Technology & Online Learning

A Conversation With the Leader of the UAE’s Largest University

Sarah Lynch | 04 Mar 2015

The chancellor of the Higher Colleges of Technology talks about the institution’s organization and teaching style.


Calculating the Cost of a “Free” Education

Sarah Lynch | 01 Feb 2015

Researchers have added up the expenses of attending Egypt’s public universities and examined the barrier to education they create.

Employment Profiles Technology & Online Learning

A Conversation with IBM’s Naguib Attia: Revolutionizing Education

Sarah Lynch | 29 Jan 2015

The chief technology officer at IBM Middle East and Africa talks about what the company looks for in graduates.

Administration Employment Finances Gender Quality Control Teaching

Are Private Universities Worth the Money?

Rasha Faek, Sarah Lynch | 23 Jan 2015

Families across the Arab region debate where to send their sons and daughters—public university or private one? There is no easy answer.

Employment Finances

Private Universities Thriving as Public Ones Weaken

Rasha Faek, Sarah Lynch | 22 Jan 2015

Arab students looking for contemporary fields of study, coeducation, and an employment-oriented education are increasingly turning to private universities. The downside: cost.

Administration Rankings Teaching

Turkey’s Foundation Universities: Model for the Region?

Sarah Lynch | 13 Jan 2015

Wealthy business leaders in Turkey have, for decades now, poured much of their money into cultural foundations that have also established universities.


UAE Tries to Bridge the Gap Between Industry and Academe

Sarah Lynch | 17 Dec 2014

Professionals from a variety of backgrounds are trying to get universities and those who hire their students to work together.


Turkish Delight: Rising in the University Rankings

Sarah Lynch | 05 Dec 2014

Turkish universities have done well in new rankings results released this fall.

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