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جميع مشاركات هذا المساهم

Magazine in Greece Rejects Labels about Refugees

| 21 Sep 2018

Solomon, a nonprofit online publication, sees strength, not cause for fear, in diverse populations.

A Refugee Camp’s Teachers Get Some Welcome Global Support

| 04 Mar 2018

A training and mentoring program helps make them better teachers and gives them new confidence.

Libya’s Foreign Scholarship Program Is Crumbling

| 09 Jul 2015

The government program that supports thousands of Libyan students appears to be ending and is paying students and universities extremely erratically.

Libyan Scholarship Program is Chaotic at Times

| 09 Jul 2014

Students and university administrators tell of delayed payments and poor screening of those receiving scholarships.

Attack at Iraqi University Kills 5

| 24 Apr 2014

A Shiite university appears to have been caught up in the conflict between an Al Qaeda-sponsored group and Shiite militias.

A Window Into Iraqi Universities

| 22 Apr 2014

Efforts at getting international recognition for some Iraqi higher-education programs reveal their uphill struggle.

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