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Book Review Literature & Translation Politics Refugees

Insights From the World’s Largest Refugee Camp

David Wheeler | 29 May 2017

“City of Thorns,” a book about the refugee camp Dadaab, in Kenya, portrays conditions that mirror those in Arab refugee settlements.

Refugees Students

In Rural Lebanon, Lessons for Children, and Humanity

David Wheeler | 16 Mar 2017

Two educational programs in the countryside north of Beirut for Syrian children show how ingenuity can create educational access for children.

Internationalization Study Abroad

An African Perspective on Arab Universities

David Wheeler | 23 May 2016

A Cape Town conference generates a different form of introspection for education leaders.

How to Make a University Famous

David Wheeler | 13 Mar 2016

A journalist’s “do’s and don’ts” for improving an institution’s communications.

Profiles Vocational Education

A Conversation With Boutros Boutros-Ghali, on Education

David Wheeler | 17 Feb 2016

The editor of Al-Fanar Media recalls an interview with the one of the most internationally famous Egyptians of his age.

Refugees Students

The Resilient Spirit of the Syrians

David Wheeler | 14 Oct 2015

Some Syrians show a determination to turn the “lost generation” of Syrian youth into a found generation.


Is the Post-Graduation Picture for Arab Women Brightening?

David Wheeler | 02 Jun 2015

A conference snapshot of Arab women’s employment and entrepreneurship highlighted the positive.

Gender Internationalization

Helping Arab Women Ease Into U.S. Campuses

David Wheeler | 01 Jun 2015

International educators at a recent conference discussed ways to help Arab women become comfortable at U.S. universities.

Internationalization Technology & Online Learning

How Educators Could Help Journalists—and Themselves

David Wheeler | 18 May 2015

The editor of Al-Fanar Media suggests ways that universities and education ministries could do a better job of sharing information.


Qatar’s Private Universities Are the Most Expensive in the Region

David Wheeler | 28 Jan 2015

An Al-Fanar Media survey of private higher-education costs in 13 Arab countries makes it possible to compare average prices.

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