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مقالات وقصص أخرى

Improving Educational Opportunities For Youth Inside Syria

David Wheeler / 13 Jun 2018 / Resources

Participants in a Beirut workshop developed recommendations to improve the access of youth inside Syria to quality higher education.

Can Arab Artists Survive?

David Wheeler / 18 Jul 2017 / Opinion

A symposium at the British museum explored how Arab artists are coping as the room they have for expressing themselves dwindles.

Insights From the World’s Largest Refugee Camp

David Wheeler / 29 May 2017 / Opinion

“City of Thorns,” a book about the refugee camp Dadaab, in Kenya, portrays conditions that mirror those in Arab refugee settlements.

In Rural Lebanon, Lessons for Children, and Humanity

David Wheeler / 16 Mar 2017 / Opinion

Two educational programs in the countryside north of Beirut for Syrian children show how ingenuity can create educational access for children.

An African Perspective on Arab Universities

David Wheeler / 23 May 2016 / Opinion

A Cape Town conference generates a different form of introspection for education leaders.

How to Make a University Famous

David Wheeler / 13 Mar 2016 / Opinion

A journalist’s “do’s and don’ts” for improving an institution’s communications.

A Conversation With Boutros Boutros-Ghali, on Education

David Wheeler / 17 Feb 2016 / Opinion

The editor of Al-Fanar Media recalls an interview with the one of the most internationally famous Egyptians of his age.

The Resilient Spirit of the Syrians

David Wheeler / 14 Oct 2015 / Opinion

Some Syrians show a determination to turn the “lost generation” of Syrian youth into a found generation.

Is the Post-Graduation Picture for Arab Women Brightening?

David Wheeler / 02 Jun 2015 / News

A conference snapshot of Arab women’s employment and entrepreneurship highlighted the positive.

Helping Arab Women Ease Into U.S. Campuses

David Wheeler / 01 Jun 2015 / News

International educators at a recent conference discussed ways to help Arab women become comfortable at U.S. universities.