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Survey Finds Modest Gains in Support for Arab Women’s Rights

Burton Bollag | 13 Sep 2019

In two new reports, the Arab Barometer finds gradually shifting attitudes on women’s place in society and broad disillusionment among young people.

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Arab Political Scientists Find New Support

Burton Bollag | 03 Sep 2019

Scholars in the Middle East face an array of challenges. The new Arab Political Science Network wants to help them collaborate more and increase their output.

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In Syria, the Complicated Web that Sanctions Weave

Burton Bollag | 07 Feb 2019

As the Syrian conflict subsides in many areas of the country, international education leaders are debating if they should step in to aid Syrian students, professors, and universities.

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Refugee Scholarships Should ‘First, Do No Harm’

Burton Bollag | 31 May 2017

As scholarship programs for refugee youth expand, the UN refugee agency and others are trying to make sure the programs do not place refugee youth at risk.

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U.S. Selective Ban on Visas Shuts Out Arab Students

Burton Bollag | 30 Jan 2017

President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily blocking the citizens of seven countries from entering the United States could ultimately affect up 17,000 Arab and Iranian students.


Muslim Students Apprehensive About Post-Election America

Burton Bollag | 15 Nov 2016

Attacks and other hostile acts against Muslim students have left foreign students wary about their status in the United States.


Fact File: Major Scholarship Programs for Syrians

Burton Bollag | 04 Oct 2016

An at-a-glance summary of scholarship programs for Syrian refugee students.


Scholarship Options for Syrian Refugees Expand

Burton Bollag | 03 Oct 2016

Demand for educational support still outpaces supply by a wide margin.

Quality Control

UAE Higher Education: The Struggle for Quality

Burton Bollag | 22 Sep 2016

A recent study points to a need for better oversight and more coordination of the rapidly growing university sector.

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Norway Develops ‘Qualifications Passport’ for Refugees

Burton Bollag | 04 Sep 2016

A new assessment tool aims to help asylum seekers in finding education or employment.

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