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Quality Control

The Ethical Minefield of International Partnerships

Burton Bollag | 19 Aug 2016

The view that every international partnership is a force for good has been replaced by a more cautious approach reflecting core academic values.

Administration Finances

Importing Higher Education: A Qatari Experiment

Burton Bollag | 14 Jul 2016

It’s been close to 20 years since the founding of Education City, the cluster of Western university campuses in Doha. What has been achieved?


Shielding Students from Dictators

Burton Bollag | 03 Jul 2016

Students are banding together informally to find ways to protect themselves against the harsh repression of authoritarian governments.

Academic Freedom Human Rights

A Conversation With a Scholar Who Has Been Sentenced to Death

Burton Bollag | 19 Jun 2016

Emad Shahin, a political scientist in exile from the American University of Cairo, talks about the lack of academic freedom in his home country of Egypt.

Academic Freedom Faculty Students

Courage to Think Defender Award Given to Egyptian Scholars and Students

Burton Bollag | 14 Jun 2016

The Scholars at Risk network has given its highest award to those professors and students in Egypt who have suffered under the military government’s crackdown on freedom of speech.

Turkish Crackdown on Dissent Muzzles Professors

Burton Bollag | 23 Mar 2016

The Turkish government’s clampdown on those who oppose its policies has expanded to include academics.

Scholarships Students Study Abroad

Slowed Saudi Education Spending Felt in U.S.

Burton Bollag | 28 Feb 2016

The intensive English programs that are a first stop for many Saudi students in the United States report falling Saudi enrollments.

What Should Graduates Know?

Burton Bollag | 20 Jun 2014

Students need to learn facts and how to think. A key debate is how much time schools and universities should spend on each one of those.

Employment Profiles

A Conversation With Tunisia’s New Higher-Education Minister

Burton Bollag | 09 Apr 2014

In a frank, wide-ranging interview, Tawfik Jelassi talks about the country’s efforts to improve its universities.

Internationalization Students

Video: Number of Saudi Students in the U.S. Jumps Up

Burton Bollag | 16 Nov 2013

A rising number of Saudi Arabian students study at colleges and universities in the United States, reports a Washington correspondent for Al-Fanar Media.

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