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Finances Students Study Abroad

Students Turn to Donors on the Internet

Mohamed Elmeshad | 26 Apr 2014

Those who need help financing their education are sometimes turning to “crowdfunding” instead of scholarships.

Admissions Study Abroad

Fleeing a Brutal War, Syrian Students Find Opportunity in Illinois

Libby Sander | 04 Dec 2013

As the situation in Syria worsens every day, Syrian students find hope in a small liberal-arts college near the Mississippi River.

Administration Study Abroad

Higher-Education Cooperation Grows Between the Gulf and Europe

Daria Solovieva | 01 Oct 2013

Universities from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and those from Europe are increasing their collaborative efforts.

Academic Freedom Refugees Students Study Abroad

Syrian Students: Stranded Outside, Trapped Inside

Janelle Dumalaon, Louise Osborne, Ruby Russel | 04 Mar 2013

Syrian students outside their country are cut off from financial support and pulled into political conflicts. Inside Syria, even students who win scholarships can’t get visas.

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