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Conflict Policy Students Study Abroad

Moroccan Students Returning from Ukraine Have Problems Continuing Their Education

Mohamed Akinou | 12 May 2022

Returning students complain that Morocco has been slow to integrate them into programmes at home. They also object to having to pass placement tests.

Faculty Internationalization Refugees Students Study Abroad

Palestine Joins Global Convention on Recognition of Education Credentials

Ismail Alashwal | 25 Apr 2022

The Unesco global convention provides a framework for assessing foreign qualifications in a fair and transparent manner. Palestine may improve its own international connections by signing on.

Conflict Politics Students Study Abroad

Arab Students Fleeing Ukraine Face Uncertain Futures at Home

Ismail Alashwal | 24 Mar 2022

Arab countries are making plans for how students returning from Ukraine will continue their educations at home. Here’s a roundup of developments in Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and Jordan.

Conflict Students Study Abroad

Moroccan Students Returning from Ukraine Wonder about Their Educational Future

Mohamed Akinou | 11 Mar 2022

After they survived the war in Ukraine, Moroccan students face serious questions about the fate of their education.

Health & Medicine Politics Students Study Abroad

More Than 12,000 Arabs Study in Ukraine. Here’s Why.

Amr EL-Tohamy | 09 Mar 2022

It’s easier to study in Ukraine than in their home countries, especially in medicine and engineering, several Arab students, professors and others told Al-Fanar Media.

Conflict Students Study Abroad

Some Lebanese Students Escape Ukraine After a Harrowing Journey

Samar Kadi | 07 Mar 2022

Two Lebanese students who were among the first group to make it safely home from Ukraine told Al-Fanar Media about their ordeal.

Conflict Students Study Abroad

Arab Students Tell of Arduous Journeys to Flee the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Amr EL-Tohamy, Gilgamesh Nabeel | 06 Mar 2022

Travel across Ukraine to safety in Poland was complicated by exorbitant costs and crowded crossings, but Arab students are grateful for acts of kindness they met along the way.

Conflict Students Study Abroad

Ukraine War Claims 1 Algerian Student’s Life; Others Live in Fear

Riad Mazzouzi | 04 Mar 2022

At least one Algerian student has been killed in Russia’s attacks on Ukraine’s cities. Others stranded there describe desperate attempts to escape.

Conflict Refugees Students Study Abroad

‘No Safe Corridors’: Thousands of Arab Students Are Stranded in Ukraine

Al-Fanar Correspondent | 01 Mar 2022

Many of the 10,000 Arab students in Ukraine can’t find a safe way out. Some of them talked to Agence France-Presse about their plight.

Internationalization Scholarships Students Study Abroad

Scholarships Open Doors. Here’s a Primer on How to Find Them.

Eman Elbedawy | 01 Mar 2022

International study can be rewarding, but paying for it isn’t easy. That’s where scholarships open doors. Here’s some advice on how to find one.

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