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‘Ishtar in Basra’: Artist Reimagines Iraq Through Myth and History

Gilgamesh Nabeel | 02 Dec 2021

In the exhibition “Ishtar in Basra,” the Iraqi artist Ali Al Tajer offers bold reinterpretations of his homeland through myth and history.

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‘What’s Left Unsaid’: Evelyn Ashamallah Captures Magical Memories in Art

Sayyid Mahmoud | 21 Nov 2021

The Egyptian artist Evelyn Ashamallah draws on imagination and memory in paintings that tell “stories that deserve to be told.”

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Students’ Play About a Disabled Child Succeeds on a Professional Stage

Sayyid Mahmoud | 20 Nov 2021

“Minus One”, a play produced by students of Egypt’s Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, won an extended run at Cairo’s El-Hanager Arts Centre.

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Azlarabe Alaoui Builds Academic Bridges to Enrich Moroccan Film

Mohamed Akinou | 18 Nov 2021

The filmmaker Azlarabe Alaoui sees a partnership of academic study and practical experience as key to revitalizing Moroccan film culture.

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‘Between Women Filmmakers’: International Event Reaches Out to Arabs

Mona Abu Al-Nasr | 17 Nov 2021

The Between Women Filmmakers Caravan presents films made by women around the globe. It includes projects tailored to the Arab world.

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Iraqi Artist Afifa Aleiby Fulfills a Life-Long Dream to Exhibit in Cairo

Sayyid Mahmoud | 11 Nov 2021

Born in Iraq, the artist Afifa Aleiby trained in Baghdad, Moscow and Italy. Bringing her art to Cairo, she says, represents “a great song of joy.”

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Cairo Jazz Festival Builds Bridges Across Nations and Generations

Mona Abu Al-Nasr | 07 Nov 2021

This year’s running of the international Cairo Jazz Festival showcased Egyptian artists alongside Palestinian, Sudanese and Western bands. It paid tribute to jazz’s pioneers, too.

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Cairo Gets Its First Contemporary Art Salon

Sayyid Mahmoud | 06 Nov 2021

Egypt opened a four-week Contemporary Art Salon in Cairo this month. For one of the artists involved, the idea is at least 30 years late.

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Sabah Fakhri, Syrian Tenor and Classical Arab Music Icon, Dies

Tarek Abd El-Galil | 03 Nov 2021

Son of a Qur’an reciter, religious influences played an important part in making him one of the greatest interpreters of traditional Arab singing.

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Ibrahim El-Bridy’s Art Keeps the Joy of ‘The Grand Night’ Alive

Sayyid Mahmoud | 03 Nov 2021

In his patchwork-on-canvas works, the artist Ibrahim El-Bridy recreates the characters of Egypt’s much-loved puppet operetta “The Grand Night.”

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