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Syria Toughens Entry Requirements for Those in the Health Professions

Mokhtar Alibrahim | 27 Oct 2015

The Syrian Ministry of Higher Education has started requiring those who seek to enter many of the health professions to study an extra year before their professional education.

Health & Medicine

Hiccups in Adopting a New Way of Teaching Medicine

Sara Mohammed Ibrahim | 12 Oct 2015

Alexandria University Faculty of Medicine has adopted a new way of teaching based more on the human body and diseases than on scientific disciplines.

Health & Medicine

Mauritania’s Only Medical School Graduates Its First Class

Dah Yacoub | 18 Aug 2015

Mauritania hopes to improve its health care now that it is beginning to produce its own doctors.

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Once-Proud Iraqi Medical Schools Now Down at the Heels

Gilgamesh Nabeel | 29 Jul 2015

Iraqi medical schools suffer from a shortage of qualified professors, a lack of cadavers, and a focus on theory instead of practice.

Health & Medicine Research

Hospital Visits Have High Risks, Arab Researcher Finds

Benjamin Plackett | 23 Jun 2015

Researchers say the danger of going in to a hospital for one ailment and then getting another is high in the Arab world.

Health & Medicine Research Students

In the UAE, Calls for Health-Care Education to Expand

Sarah Lynch | 27 Apr 2015

The demand for health care education is clear. The question is how to meet it, say United Arab Emirates educators.

Health & Medicine Students

In Algeria, Heavy Backpacks Hurt Schoolchildren’s Health

Toufik Bougaada | 02 Apr 2015

Students get scoliosis—and sometimes stop going to school—because they carry a lot of thick textbooks.

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Research Helps Arab Couples Struggling to Conceive

Benjamin Plackett, Rasha Faek | 06 Jan 2015

Rates of assisted fertility treatments in the Arab world are high. New research could help more couples who have difficulty conceiving.

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Health Warning: Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Breeding Here

| 04 Nov 2014

A few researchers are tracing the growing spread of bacteria in Arab countries that could result in untreatable infections.

Development Health & Medicine Research

Arab Health Research Should Keep Pace With Changing Demands

| 26 Sep 2014

Scientists need to follow the shift from infectious diseases to chronic conditions.

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