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Iraqi Researcher’s Work Could Lead to a New Drug to Treat Schizophrenia

Gilgamesh Nabeel | 19 Apr 2022

Iraqi researcher Mayasah Al-Nema has identified a target compound that shows promise for treating schizophrenia while avoiding side effects.

Critical Thinking Health & Medicine Schools Science Students

Research Conference in Egypt Gives School-Age Scientists a Chance to Shine

Tarek Kapiel | 28 Mar 2022

The Egyptian scientist Tarek Kapiel talks about a recent effort to promote science among young students by involving them in a cancer research conference.

Health & Medicine Politics Students Study Abroad

More Than 12,000 Arabs Study in Ukraine. Here’s Why.

Amr EL-Tohamy | 09 Mar 2022

It’s easier to study in Ukraine than in their home countries, especially in medicine and engineering, several Arab students, professors and others told Al-Fanar Media.

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Iraqi Universities’ Psychological Support Units Struggle to Meet Needs

Amr EL-Tohamy | 24 Feb 2022

Psychological support and counseling units at Iraqi universities suffer from a shortage of qualified providers and inadequate facilities.

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Algeria Faces a Potential New Exodus of Doctors to France

Riad Mazzouzi | 16 Feb 2022

Reports that 1,200 Algerian doctors have been authorised to practice in France raise new concerns over conditions that make doctors want to leave Algeria.

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Egyptian Scholar Is Honored for Cancer Research in Germany

Amr EL-Tohamy | 06 Jan 2022

The Egyptian scholar Sara Hegy Ahmed overcame depression and stereotypes about women on her journey to cancer research successes.

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Qatar Updates Pharmacy Education as Role of Pharmacists Changes

Eman Kamel | 02 Jan 2022

Qatar’s College of Pharmacy revised its curriculum to better align pharmacy education with the profession’s shift toward patient care.

Health & Medicine Students

‘Popcorn Cart’ Draws Attention to Morocco’s Student Health System

Mohamed Akinou | 15 Dec 2021

Morocco has compulsory student health insurance, but students say the system isn’t working well. A “popcorn cart” funding campaign has raised awareness of the system and its problems.

Conflict Health & Medicine Human Rights Refugees Research

Health Care in Gaza Suffers as Aid Cuts and Politics Take Toll

Gilgamesh Nabeel | 02 Dec 2021

Mona Jebril, a Cambridge scholar who lived in Gaza for 22 years, says aid cuts exacerbate political and economic threats to the territory’s health service.

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Are Covid-19 Vaccines Up to Omicron? Researchers Seek Answers.

Amr EL-Tohamy | 01 Dec 2021

It is still unclear how well the existing Covid-19 vaccines will protect against the new variant. Arab researchers discuss what we know so far.

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