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In Libya, Universities Struggle to Get Internet Access

| 30 Mar 2014

Academics in the north African country have difficulty accessing the World Wide Web’s wealth of knowledge and communication powers.

Finances Salaries

The Economic Struggle of Public-University Professors

Al-Fanar Media Reporting Team | 13 Jan 2014

In academe, those who teach the majority of Arab youth often have difficulty paying their bills.

Administration Campus Security

Libyan Students Call for More Secure Campuses

Reem Tombokti | 23 Nov 2013

Two years after the Libyan revolution, militias still rule much of the country and students are calling for better security on campuses.

Gender Human Rights Students

The Fight Against Sexual Harassment on Arab Campuses

Sarah Lynch | 11 May 2013

Women and sympathetic men are organizing against those who sexually harass others in the academic setting.

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