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The Doha Heat Drives Most Academics to Cooler Climes

Shereena Qazi | 13 Aug 2015

In summer, most academics flee Qatar for travel or family time. But a few stay behind.

In Qatar, Education Drives Workforce Shifts for Women

Shereena Qazi | 10 Aug 2015

The high participation of Qatari women in higher education is rippling through the nation’s workforce even in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Qatar’s Universities Are Too Expensive for Many Expats

Eman Kamel, Shereena Qazi | 08 Mar 2015

Hefty price tags at private institutions often drive students into debt or push them out of the country.


A Reporter Reflects on the Peshawar School Massacre

Shereena Qazi | 18 Dec 2014

A Qatar-based journalist discovers her family is part of a tragedy she must report on.

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