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Revisiting the Past in Books That Blend Fiction and Facts

Sayyid Mahmoud | 11 Jan 2022

Egyptian critics and writers discuss a literary trend of revisiting the past through personalized remembrances and novels based on facts.

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Egyptian Sculptor Sayeda Khalil Embraces Contemporary Technology in Art

Sayyid Mahmoud | 09 Jan 2022

Modern artists cannot ignore contemporary technology, says the Egyptian sculptor Sayeda Khalil.

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Unesco Expert Nahla Imam Says Academic Expertise Can Help Save Heritage

Sayyid Mahmoud | 31 Dec 2021

Nahla Imam, a folklore expert newly elected to a key Unesco committee, urges decision-makers to make use of academic research on heritage subjects.

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Arabic Calligraphy’s New Heritage Status Lifts Hopes for Keeping It Alive

Sayyid Mahmoud | 26 Dec 2021

Arabic calligraphy was recently inscribed on Unesco’s intangible cultural heritage lists. Calligraphers hope that inspires more support for teaching it in schools.

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Recommended Reading, 2021: Books from the Arab World

Mona Abu Al-Nasr, Sayyid Mahmoud | 24 Dec 2021

Al-Fanar Media presents its choice of some of the most interesting books published in the Arab world in 2021.

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Architecture Professors Join Fight to Save Cairo’s Historic Cemeteries

Sayyid Mahmoud | 23 Dec 2021

Architecture professors are documenting Cairo’s historic cemeteries to help preservation groups that are trying to save them from being demolished.

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Revised Editions of Mahfouz’s Novels Stir Controversy in Egypt

Sayyid Mahmoud | 11 Dec 2021

Diwan Bookstores says its revised editions of the celebrated writer’s works will be “without alterations”. Publishing world figures immediately wondered what that meant.

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‘Van Leo: Cairo’: Exhibition Chronicles Iconic Egyptian Photographer’s Legacy

Sayyid Mahmoud | 05 Dec 2021

The magic and mastery of the legendary photographer Van Leo are on display in an exhibition of more than 150 of his portraits.

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Layla Murad’s Life and Career Give Scholar a Lens on Egyptian History

Sayyid Mahmoud | 04 Dec 2021

The life of the Jewish-Muslim star Layla Murad illuminates key moments of Egypt’s history in the mid-20th century, says her biographer, Hanan Hammad.

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‘What’s Left Unsaid’: Evelyn Ashamallah Captures Magical Memories in Art

Sayyid Mahmoud | 21 Nov 2021

The Egyptian artist Evelyn Ashamallah draws on imagination and memory in paintings that tell “stories that deserve to be told.”

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