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جميع مشاركات هذا المساهم


Europe’s Universities Respond to Refugee Crisis

Patrick Costello | 17 Oct 2016

Initiatives that get students back in class quickly are taking root.


In Berlin, a Syrian Student Teaches Refugees

Patrick Costello | 23 Jul 2016

A Syrian who came to Germany as a student is offering technology and programming education to refugees.


European Universities Seek to Integrate Refugees

Patrick Costello | 17 Jun 2016

In Amsterdam, European universities shared experiences about the early stages of helping the young refugees who have flooded the continent.


Integrating Syrians: A Discussion in Germany

Patrick Costello, Riham Alkousaa | 08 Jun 2016

At a meeting in Berlin, speakers discussed how young Syrians might find their way to education and employment in Europe.

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