Helen Abadzi

Helen Abadzi is a Greek psychologist who speaks many languages. She retired from the World Bank after 27 years of service and is currently a research faculty member at the University of Texas at Arlington College of Education. She regularly monitors the emerging research in cognitive science and synthesizes relevant findings to explain and predict likely outcomes from various interventions. Her work has helped early-grade reading fluency become an international priority.

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مقالات وقصص أخرى

To Sustain Standard Arabic, Invest Early in Grammar

Helen Abadzi / 25 Apr 2018 / Opinion

The Arabic used is schools is almost a foreign language to many Arab students, but research suggests ways of teaching it more effectively.

Increasing The Competitiveness of Arabic Language: Some Unusual Alternatives

Helen Abadzi / 21 Oct 2016 / Opinion

The challenge of Arabic script is one of the reasons behind Arab students’ disappointing performance results, the author explains.

Learning Arabic: Back to Basics May be the Best Innovation

Helen Abadzi / 01 May 2016 / Opinion

A back-to-basics approach to learning could be the most innovative way to improve Arab education.

Does Cognitive Science Hold the Solution for the Arab Education Lag?

Helen Abadzi / 11 Feb 2016 / Opinion

Research suggests new ways of learning Arabic script and language could help Arab students gain educational ground.