Dah Yacoub

Dah Yacoub

Dah Yacoub is a Mauritanian Journalist. He holds a degree in media from the Higher Institute of Journalism in Mauritania. He works as a reporter and a presenter of political programs at Murabitoun TV channel. He is also an editor for a newspaper in Sada Alhahdath, a radio announcer and a member of the Mauritanian Journalists’ Syndicate.

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Politics Students

Mauritanian TV Hopes to Make Up for the Scarcity of Professors

Dah Yacoub | 29 Sep 2015

Mauritania is starting a television channel aimed at university students early next year.

Language Students

English is All the Rage in Mauritania

Dah Yacoub | 29 Aug 2015

Young people in the former French colony are flocking to learn English, hoping it will get them jobs.

Health & Medicine

Mauritania’s Only Medical School Graduates Its First Class

Dah Yacoub | 18 Aug 2015

Mauritania hopes to improve its health care now that it is beginning to produce its own doctors.

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