Unfriendly U.S. Policies Threaten Arab Student Flows

Dean Hoke / 13 Apr 2017 / Opinion

Travel bans and negative rhetoric have fueled concern for Arab overseas students, and U.S. institutions stand to lose more than revenue.

How Egypt’s Currency Plunge Trapped a University

Mai Shams El-Din / 13 Dec 2016 / Opinion

The chief financial officer of the American University in Cairo explains how a financial event the institution planned for still wound up making life harder for everyone involved.

As Raqqa is Bombed, a Syrian Student Dreams of New Buildings

Haneen Al-Mohammad / 24 Nov 2015 / Opinion

A Syrian architecture student in Cairo wants to work on rebuilding in post-conflict areas. But she is trapped in a policy change that may block her from finishing her degree.

Tuition in America—a Fable for Egyptian Education?

Belal Fadl / 26 Mar 2015 / Opinion

The documentary “Ivory Tower” took a critical look at the costs and benefits of American education. What might it teach Egypt?

Expensive Education Equals Social Injustice

Amal Abou-Setta / 10 Feb 2015 / Opinion

As public universities begin charging fees and private universities expand, the poor suffer and the wealthy benefit, the author argues.

Who Should Pay For Education?

D.D. Guttenplan / 05 Jun 2014 / Opinion

Hidden behind many policy decisions is a fundamental question: Should students or the government finance education?

Would Your Mother Want You to Marry a Professor?

Belal Fadl / 27 Jan 2014 / Opinion

One measure of the status of university professors: Ask a mother if it is all right for her child to marry one.

Moroccan Universities Must Begin to Charge Tuition

Elizabeth Buckner / 10 Sep 2013 / Opinion

An analyst argues that the time has come for Moroccan public universities to start asking students for fees.

After Two Revolts, Egypt’s Energetic Youth Deserve a Better Education

Farouk El Baz / 17 Jul 2013 / Opinion

Egypt’s young people have toppled two inept governments. With a proper education, they could help revive the country, says Farouk El-Baz.

A Conversation With the World Bank’s Higher Ed Leader

/ 04 Jul 2013 / Opinion

The leader of the Word Bank’s higher-education efforts talks about the institution’s efforts in the MENA region and responds to longstanding suspicions.