New Law in Egypt Supports Disabled Students

Mahmoud Shalabi / 24 Mar 2018 / Opinion

Updated legislation raises hopes of improving higher education opportunities for students with disabilities in Egypt.

How Egypt Could Better Serve Students With Disabilities

Mahmoud Shalabi / 22 Sep 2017 / Opinion

A scholar calls for the adoption of fair admission policies at the nation’s public universities for people with disabilities.

You Can Combine Motherhood and Study

Ahlam Mustafa / 21 Apr 2017 / Opinion

A Ph.D. candidate and mother of two young children says reaching her academic goal has been difficult but it can be done.

How Can Educational Success Be Measured?

D.D. Guttenplan, David Wheeler / 04 Jul 2014 / Opinion

In a global debate, experts question how to determine the quality of schools and universities.

In Egypt, the Failure of Privatizing Education

Amal Abou-Setta / 02 Jun 2014 / Opinion

In the wake of the Egyptian elections, the author argues that the government is headed in the wrong direction in education.

Why I Left the “Dream Profession”

Gilgamesh Nabeel / 14 May 2014 / Opinion

A story of how Arab universities steered a man away from his true passions, until he seized control.

Arab Universities Must Admit the Cost of Corruption

Elizabeth Buckner / 09 Oct 2013 / Opinion

A recent report by Transparency International, “Global Corruption Report: Education,” largely skips Arab universities. But corruption in the region’s institutions is affecting admissions, grading, and administration, writes a scholar of comparative education.

Moroccan Universities Must Begin to Charge Tuition

Elizabeth Buckner / 10 Sep 2013 / Opinion

An analyst argues that the time has come for Moroccan public universities to start asking students for fees.

Arab Private Universities Could Drive Broader Improvements

Elizabeth Buckner / 27 Jun 2013 / Opinion

Private universities could magnify inequalities and erode the quality of Arab public higher education. But they could also drive innovation, writes a scholar of comparative education.

How University Admissions Distorts Some Arab Societies

Elizabeth Buckner / 11 May 2013 / Opinion

In many Arab countries, university admissions is forcing youth into careers that they have no interest in, derailing economies instead of fueling them, and adding to social resentment.