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Arab Students in Israel Say Their Voices are Muffled

Asma' Jawabreh | 07 Aug 2015

Palestinian students say they fear for their safety when they protest politically on Israeli campuses.

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Once-Proud Iraqi Medical Schools Now Down at the Heels

Gilgamesh Nabeel | 29 Jul 2015

Iraqi medical schools suffer from a shortage of qualified professors, a lack of cadavers, and a focus on theory instead of practice.

Academic Freedom Conflict Students Terrorism

The Egyptian Minister of Higher Education Gives His Views

Elsayed Ahmed Abdelkhalek | 14 Jul 2015

The Egyptian minister of higher education writes about the improvements in the universities there and the stability that has been achieved.

Conflict Terrorism

Why Tunisia is the Top Supplier of Students to the Islamic State

Msaddak Abdul Nabi | 08 Jul 2015

At a time when Tunisia is facing terrorism at home, the country also tops the list of countries where students are recruited by foreign extremist groups.

Academic Freedom Faculty Terrorism

Should Terrorists Be Professors? A Kuwaiti Debate

Aisha Elgayar | 31 Mar 2015

Some professors working at Kuwait University are listed internationally as terrorists but continue to teach, sparking controversy.

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Theoretical Swimming: Iraqi Student Life Under Religious Rule

Gilgamesh Nabeel | 06 Mar 2015

Iraqi students complain that conservative administrators are interfering with their dress, curricula and even their recreation.

Conflict Terrorism

Stay in University or Join the Islamic State?

Saba Abu Farha | 12 Feb 2015

In the southern Jordanian desert, many young people are leaving classrooms to join the Islamist army.

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