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Technology & Online Learning

Technology & Online Learning

MIT Meeting Asks: Can Digital Learning Include the Developing World?

Vijee Venkatraman | 29 May 2016

Experts at a meeting of the Learning International Networks Consortium discussed ways of expanding digital learning’s reach in the developing world.

Research Technology & Online Learning

Arab Researchers Dive into “Big Data”

Benjamin Plackett | 03 May 2016

Data science research is booming in the region, bringing both business solutions and a much-needed source of employment.

Research Technology & Online Learning

A “City of Light” Illuminates Contemporary Research

Eman Kamel | 21 Apr 2016

The German city of Jena shows how industry and universities can collaborate to improve optical technology and energy efficiency.

Internationalization Technology & Online Learning

One Global University Model: A Network of Equals

Benjamin Plackett | 17 Apr 2016

New York Institute of Technology was the first licensed American university in Abu Dhabi, and it’s been a pioneer in many other ways.

Refugees Scholarships Technology & Online Learning

Scholarship Programs Gear Up to Help Syrian Youth

Ursula Lindsey | 07 Mar 2016

After many years of delay, new scholarship programs are beginning to help Syrian students, participants in an Istanbul workshop learned.

Students Study Abroad Technology & Online Learning

A Yemeni Youth Becomes a Science Superstar on Facebook

Benjamin Plackett | 06 Mar 2016

Science communicator Hashem Al-Ghaili went against his parents’ wishes to pursue a science career.

Technology & Online Learning

Arab Universities Are Vulnerable to Cyberattacks, Experts Say

Wagdy Sawahel | 14 Dec 2015

A new report and interviews with experts indicate Arab universities need to step up their protection against Internet invasions.

Students Technology & Online Learning

Tahrir Academy’s Shutdown Casts a Shadow Over Educational NGOs

Mai Shams El-Din, Tarek Abd El-Galil | 25 Aug 2015

A popular online learning website has been squeezed out of business by government laws, leaving other nonprofit educational organizations to wonder about their fate.

Faculty Journalism Teaching Technology & Online Learning

Media Literacy Offers the Arab World a Way Forward

Jad Melki | 13 Jul 2015

Jad Melki, a professor at the American University of Beirut and the winner of a 2015 Global Media and Information Literacy Award from Unesco, explains the importance of his work.

Academic Freedom Data & Surveys Technology & Online Learning

Academic Freedom Under Pressure, Report Finds

Benjamin Plackett | 23 Jun 2015

A new study by NYU’s Scholars At Risk organization shows the pervasive global pressure on academic freedom.

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