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Health & Medicine Schools Students Teaching Technology & Online Learning

Lebanese Medical Student Devises Innovative Platform to Help Students Pass Exams

Samar Kadi | 05 Aug 2022

Edubolt uses virtual reality and other technologies to help students prepare for tough exams. The idea started with a student’s own dream of getting into medical school.

Arabic Language Students Teaching Technology & Online Learning

Doha Prepares to Host a Major TEDinArabic Event Next Year

Gilgamesh Nabeel | 03 Aug 2022

TEDinArabic, a project of Qatar Foundation and the organisation behind the popular TED Talks videos, celebrates the Arabic language and promotes its use and relevance in the world.

Curriculum Faculty Students Teaching Technology & Online Learning

Head of Bahrain’s Royal University for Women Is Keen to Tackle the Global Skills Gap

Amr EL-Tohamy | 31 Jul 2022

Yusra Mouzughi, president of Bahrain’s Royal University for Women, says Arab students lack the skills the labour market wants. Universities have a responsibility to address this issue, she says.

Curriculum Employment Faculty Teaching Technology & Online Learning

3 Ways Algerian Universities Can Reform to Help Build a Better Future

Rachid Messaoudi | 26 Jul 2022

A professor suggests three avenues of reform for Algerian universities that can help the nation move toward a more socially secure and economically prosperous future.

Coronavirus Teaching Technology & Online Learning

Unesco Praises Saudi Arabia’s Successful Pivot to Distance Learning During Covid-19

Ismail Alashwal | 14 Jul 2022

Saudi Arabia’s preparations before the pandemic allowed it to quickly switch to a distance learning system that nearly all of the kingdom’s students could access.

Employment Students Technology & Online Learning

‘Campus Skills’: Coursera Maps the Jobs Students Want and the Skills They Need

Gilgamesh Nabeel | 13 Jul 2022

To enhance student employability in a rapidly changing labour market, Coursera analyses the most market-relevant skills demanded by students.

Climate and Environment Research Science Technology & Online Learning

AI and Remote Sensing Help Fight Climate Threats, Omani Scientist Says

Ismail Alashwal | 07 Jul 2022

Scholars from 25 countries recently discussed how artificial intelligence, remote sensing and data science help build a more resilient society against existential threats.

Curriculum Policy Teaching Technology & Online Learning

Blended Learning: Finding the Right Blend for University Students

Paul Hopkinson | 03 Jul 2022

Blending digitally enabled learning experiences with traditional classroom teaching helps students and educators cope with the demands of the new normal.

Employment Science Students Technology & Online Learning

Video Game Development: A New Major in the Region, Taught by a Canadian University

Mohammad El Hawary | 28 Jun 2022

The University of Prince Edward Island in Cairo offers a computer science degree with a specialisation in video game programming, which it says is the first in the Middle East.

Employment Finances Policy Students Technology & Online Learning

UniMed Leader Calls for More Cooperation on a ‘Planet That Belongs to All of Us’

Mohammad El Hawary | 23 Jun 2022

As UniMed’s 2022 conference closes, speakers re-emphasise the need for greater cooperation among institutions and societies to address urgent global issues.

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