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Enrollment Finances Students Study Abroad

Egyptian Universities Want More Foreign Students

Menna Farouk | 19 Apr 2017

Government plan will boost foreign currency revenues.

Enrollment Finances Politics Study Abroad

Unfriendly U.S. Policies Threaten Arab Student Flows

Dean Hoke | 13 Apr 2017

Travel bans and negative rhetoric have fueled concern for Arab overseas students, and U.S. institutions stand to lose more than revenue.

Refugees Research Students Study Abroad

Yemeni Youth Speak: “We Are Stranded”

Sabah Hamamou | 10 Apr 2017

Young people from Yemen, even those studying overseas, are caught in the crossfire of the country’s civil war and are either blocked from access to education or at great risk of losing it.

Curriculum Education Reform Students Study Abroad Teaching

Three Different Academic Experiences: Which Is the Best?

Ahlam Mustafa | 21 Mar 2017

The writer compares her experience of three different academic systems in three different countries.

Scholarships Students Study Abroad

A Door Opens, But I Can’t Enter Yet

Asma' Jawabreh | 21 Mar 2017

Asma Jawabreh has been admitted to four U.K. universities to study for a master’s degree, but one difficult barrier remains.

Curriculum Research Students Study Abroad

How Plans Work In Real Life

Nur Al-huda Hamdan | 16 Mar 2017

Finding a mission in life is the result of hard work, not chance.

Politics Students Study Abroad

Uncertain Times for Libyan Student in the U.S.

Mohamed Almahdi | 06 Feb 2017

Colleagues in Colorado have provided friendship and support, but Trump’s recent travel ban casts a dark cloud.

Research Students Study Abroad

High-Flying Libyan Scholars in U.S. and Canada

Edward Fox | 31 Jan 2017

Four winners of Libyan student excellence awards residing in North America have social missions as well as academic ones.

Internationalization Politics Students Study Abroad

The End of Sanctions Opens Iran’s Academic Gates

Rasha Faek | 26 Aug 2016

Iran is expanding its higher-education connections internationally, although it faces reticence in the Arab world.

Internationalization Study Abroad

An African Perspective on Arab Universities

David Wheeler | 23 May 2016

A Cape Town conference generates a different form of introspection for education leaders.

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