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Human Rights Schools Students

A Classroom on a Mini-Bus in Yemen Helps Child Laborers

Samar Qaed | 17 Jan 2015

A roaming bus with volunteer teachers teaches children who have been forced to work by their families.

Enrollment Students

The Youth Bulge: Often Mentioned, Frequently Ignored

Al-Fanar Media Reporting Team | 09 Dec 2014

 Arab educators regularly refer to the “youth bulge,” but few of them are actually preparing for it.

Administration Standardized Tests Students

Why Aren’t Jordanian Children in School?

Aya Alayan | 03 Dec 2014

The tradition of private tutors undermines children’s interest in attending school.

Gender Students

Plan To Move Women Out of Baghdad University is Halted

| 23 Oct 2014

The Iraqi education ministry has backed away from a plan to move some female-only departments at Baghdad University into a new institution.

Internationalization Students

Studies Help Parents Weigh Educational Cost Versus Quality

| 08 Oct 2014

Australia ranked the most expensive destination for international students: The United Kingdom and the United States rated high for quality.

Conflict Students

For Gaza’s New Academic Year, A Fitful Start

| 05 Oct 2014

All the territory’s universities have opened in spite of the devastation of the 50-day war. But it’s not class as usual.

Refugees Students

Video: The Challenge of Education in a Refugee Camp

| 22 Sep 2014

Al-Fanar Media visited Zaatari camp, the world’s second-largest refugee camp, and got an exclusive video report about Syrian students there.

Academic Freedom Conflict Extremism Human Rights Students

What Education Is Like Under the Islamic State

Gilgamesh Nabeel | 14 Sep 2014

As the Islamic State tightens its grip on Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, it is revealing its approach to teaching and the curriculum.


New Answer for the “Free” Education Debate?

Mahmoud Salem | 14 Aug 2014

As the sixty-year-old Egyptian system theoretically allowing universal access to universities breaks down, there’s one possible solution, says the author.

Conflict Students

A Sudanese Student Watches a University Grow Dark

Alaa Shibeika | 04 Aug 2014

The University of Khartoum, the oldest and largest university in Sudan, closed in May after months of conflict.

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