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Politics Students

Student Elections Reflect Egypt’s Muffled Political Life

Ahmed ElShamy | 29 Nov 2015

Student elections have been a quiet affair this fall as students have begun to shy away from politics.

Students Study Abroad

Many Arab Students Go to the U.S., But Rarely is the Reverse True

Wagdy Sawahel | 27 Nov 2015

Arab college students contribute billions to U.S. economy, while few American students venture to the region.

Politics Students

Muslim Students in Europe Brace for Post-Attack Backlash

Aida Alami, Mihret Yohannes | 24 Nov 2015

After the Paris attacks, Muslim students fear that terrorism will be confused with their religion.

Gender Students

An Algerian Student’s Search for a Decent Home

Rim Hayat Chaif | 17 Nov 2015

A student seeking a master’s degree got an unpleasant surprise when she showed up at her dormitory.

Politics Students

Palestinian Political Divisions Play Out at Birzeit University

Asma' Jawabreh | 12 Nov 2015

The split between opposing factions in Palestine, Fatah and Hamas, is surfacing in ugly ways at the university in the West Bank, students say.

Health & Medicine Politics Protests Students

Moroccan Medical Students Block Imposition of Compulsory Work

Khalid Aitnasser | 10 Nov 2015

Medical students’ protests stopped the Ministry of Health’s attempt to make it mandatory for students to work in remote areas after graduation.

Conflict Students

Braving Barrel Bombs to Create Schools

Wassim Abdo | 03 Nov 2015

In one of the most war-ravaged cities of the world, a Syrian-supported effort tries to establish safe havens where children can learn.

Health & Medicine Students

Syria Toughens Entry Requirements for Those in the Health Professions

Mokhtar Alibrahim | 27 Oct 2015

The Syrian Ministry of Higher Education has started requiring those who seek to enter many of the health professions to study an extra year before their professional education.

Refugees Students

The Resilient Spirit of the Syrians

David Wheeler | 14 Oct 2015

Some Syrians show a determination to turn the “lost generation” of Syrian youth into a found generation.

English Students

English Courses a ‘Cash Cow’, Cairo University Students Say

Rania Tarek | 12 Oct 2015

Students who pay extra to study in English at Cairo University say they don’t get their money’s worth. Administrators say they are fixing the problem.

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