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Scholarship Programs Gear Up to Help Syrian Youth

Ursula Lindsey | 07 Mar 2016

After many years of delay, new scholarship programs are beginning to help Syrian students, participants in an Istanbul workshop learned.

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Slowed Saudi Education Spending Felt in U.S.

Burton Bollag | 28 Feb 2016

The intensive English programs that are a first stop for many Saudi students in the United States report falling Saudi enrollments.

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As Raqqa is Bombed, a Syrian Student Dreams of New Buildings

Haneen Al-Mohammad | 24 Nov 2015

A Syrian architecture student in Cairo wants to work on rebuilding in post-conflict areas. But she is trapped in a policy change that may block her from finishing her degree.

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New Numbers Demonstrate Need for Regional Scholarships

Al-Fanar Media Reporting Team | 10 Sep 2015

The war in Syria turned many university students into refugees, who now need financial support for their studies.

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A Statistical Portrait of Syrian Students’ Frustration

Riham Alkousaa | 01 Sep 2015

The number of Syrian students seeking scholarships and the number of scholarships available are drastically imbalanced.

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Libya’s Foreign Scholarship Program Is Crumbling

Abdel Moneim Alaghima, John Dyer | 09 Jul 2015

The government program that supports thousands of Libyan students appears to be ending and is paying students and universities extremely erratically.

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A New University Hopes to Give Refugees Educational Wings

Katharina Wecker | 25 May 2015

A multicultural effort based in Germany is trying to remove the barriers facing refugee youth who seek higher education.


U.S. and Egypt Announce Multi-Million Dollar “Academic Aid”

Sarah Lynch | 28 Apr 2015

The U.S. is contributing $250-million for a slew of scholarships, academic exchanges and partnerships to support economic development in Egypt.

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How to Avoid Getting Cheated by Phony Scholarships

Benjamin Plackett | 24 Feb 2015

Fraudulent universities use fake scholarships as bait to lure unsuspecting students to part with their money. Here’s how to protect yourself.

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In Brussels, an Emergency Call for Higher Education

Rasha Faek | 12 Jan 2015

A Brussels conference became a brainstorming session for those trying to make sure refugee youth get the higher education that they need.

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