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Many Scholarships Don’t Meet Syrians’ Needs

Rasha Faek | 30 May 2017

Scholarship offerings for refugees are inadequate, both in quantity and quality, says a new British Council report.

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The Light Inside the Tunnel

Sabah Hamamou | 22 May 2017

A slight twist on an old saying can help those discouraged by the situation in the Arab world, says an Al-Fanar Media editor.

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Scholarships Prepare New Leaders in Tunisia

Michelle Weisse Trueheart | 21 May 2017

Thomas Jefferson Scholarships to U.S. colleges increase the employment rate and volunteerism rate among participating Tunisian students.

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Host-Country Universities Must Evolve To Help Refugees

Hana Addam El-Ghali | 02 May 2017

Change in curriculum and ways of delivering education are the key to helping Syrian students succeed and will ultimately help all students.

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A Door Opens, But I Can’t Enter Yet

Asma' Jawabreh | 21 Mar 2017

Asma Jawabreh has been admitted to four U.K. universities to study for a master’s degree, but one difficult barrier remains.

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Little Hope of Jobs for Syrians in Lebanon and Jordan

Rasha Faek | 25 Feb 2017

With their ability to work severely restricted by their two closest Arab neighbors, many Syrian youth don’t see the point in education.

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Infographic: Few Eligible Syrians Enroll in Turkish Universities

| 27 Jul 2016

The proportion of eligible Syrians enrolled in Turkish universities is tiny, according to UNHCR statistics.

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New Foundation Seeks to Give 15,000 Arab Students Scholarships

Benjamin Plackett | 26 Apr 2016

A new scholarship fund hopes to send thousands of Arab students to university—but only in science, technology, and mathematics.

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In Jordan, a U.K. University Tries a New Twist in Internationalization

Benjamin Plackett | 22 Mar 2016

To serve Syrian refugees in Jordan is just one part of the University of Bath’s broader strategy here.

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The Syrian Journey: Choose a Route to Higher Education

Rasha Faek | 08 Mar 2016

Use our interactive graphic to understand the choices Syrian students make as they seek higher education in the countries neighboring Syria.

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