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Publishing Research

A Potential Renaissance for Arabic Translation

Ursula Lindsey | 07 Jun 2013

In Arab academic and publishing circles, there is much talk and at least some action to get more scholarly works translated into Arabic, and to get contemporary Arabic literature translated into other languages.


10 Years of Polls Shed Light on Arab Views

David Wheeler | 07 Jun 2013

Opinion surveys in six Arab countries give insights into the roots of the “Arab awakening” and suggest it is unlikely to fade.

Profiles Publishing Research

A Conversation With the Author of “Sex and the Citadel”

Daria Solovieva | 03 Jun 2013

Shereen El Feki, an independent scholar, started out as an immunologist but has gone on to apply that science’s systematic approach to study sexuality in the Middle East.

Publishing Research

A Gateway to Arab World Educational Research

Rasha Faek | 07 May 2013

An online database documents academic research produced in Arab countries about education.


A Database to Support Higher Education in Morocco

Rasha Faek | 17 Apr 2013

Morocco is trying to use a national database to comprehensively track its education and national research system.

Finances Research

In Tunisia, a Flurry of International Cooperation

| 03 Mar 2013

Despite the relatively large number of cooperation agreements between Tunisian universities and their Western counterparts, there are many challenges that prevent the full use of the agreements

Publishing Research

Wharton School Reaches Out to the Arab world

Rasha Faek | 20 Feb 2013

[email protected], the Wharton School’s free online research and business-analysis journal, presents articles in both Arabic and English that focus on business trends, research, innovation and entrepreneurship relevant to Arabic-speaking countries.

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