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Solutions from the Inside Out: Developing Egyptian Teachers as Researchers

Tarek Abd El-Galil | 24 Jan 2016

At a recent conference, experts discussed how teachers who also conduct research on education could play a key role in reform.


Jordanian Researcher Hopes To Create Wearable Medical Technology

Benjamin Plackett | 18 Jan 2016

One researcher is trying to marry textiles and electronics to improve medical data collection.

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Online Event About Evolution for Arabic Readers is Shut Down

Gilgamesh Nabeel | 10 Dec 2015

Fourteen Arab groups organized an online event to help explain evolution, but the event appears to have been a cyber-attack victim.


Universities Are Places Where Everybody Has the Right to be Wrong

Mai Shams El-Din | 10 Dec 2015

The president of the American University in Cairo has led a leading institution in the Arab region through one of the most turbulent periods in its history.


A Jordanian Researcher Advocates For Natural Pest Control

Benjamin Plackett | 07 Dec 2015

A scientist fights for her field of research—the biological control of crop pests—to be taken seriously in the Arab region.

Research Science

Science in the Muslim World: Weak Research, Strong Female Participation

Wagdy Sawahel | 09 Nov 2015

A new report goes beyond “gloom and doom” about science in predominantly Muslim countries and examines possible routes to improvement.

Fraud Research

A New Way to Measure the Importance of Arabic Research

Saleh Al-Shair | 06 Nov 2015

The author argues that creating an objective way to measure the importance of research papers in Arabic could improve science in the region.

Academic Freedom Research

The Door for Many Middle East Scholars is Slamming Shut

Ursula Lindsey | 27 Oct 2015

Scholars in the Arab region have always had to tiptoe around regime “red lines.” Now they say the situation is worse.


Kuwait Takes a Practical Step Forward in Solar Energy

Aisha Elgayar | 26 Oct 2015

A new project will save the equivalent of 12 million barrels of oil a year, revealing the potential of applied science in the region.


Thirsty Work: The Hunt For Another Water Supply

Benjamin Plackett | 26 Oct 2015

Egyptian research seeks to develop improved membranes for filtering salt out of water to create a more reliable regional water source.

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