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A Busy Botanist Is a Force for Rural Development in Morocco

Ida Sophie Winter | 25 Aug 2015

Abderrahim Ouarghidi tries to help strengthen villages in rural Morocco by letting them decide what they need.


Arab Food Supply is Shaky, But Related Research is Rare

Benjamin Plackett, Selim Njeim | 13 Jul 2015

Many Arab countries do not have what is known as “food security,” but the research and teaching on the topic is just getting started.

Gender Libraries Research

A Renaissance Woman at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Benjamin Plackett | 02 Jul 2015

The head of cultural outreach at the modern-day library of Alexandria has worked with underground cables and overhead planetarium displays and broadened the library’s influence.

Corruption Research Students

Master’s Degree Programs in Egypt Plagued by Corruption

Tarek Abd El-Galil | 28 Jun 2015

Students seeking master’s degrees say the programs sometimes suffer from corrupt practices and poor research.

Curriculum Gender Profiles Research

A Conversation With Effat University President Haifa Jamal Al-Lail

Ahmad Sabri | 25 Jun 2015

Haifa Jamal Al-Lail spoke with Al-Fanar Media about the challenges Saudi universities face and the obstacles and opportunities for women in higher education.

Health & Medicine Research

Hospital Visits Have High Risks, Arab Researcher Finds

Benjamin Plackett | 23 Jun 2015

Researchers say the danger of going in to a hospital for one ailment and then getting another is high in the Arab world.


Arab Researchers Suggest Solutions to Slums

Benjamin Plackett | 12 Jun 2015

The prolific spread of unregulated housing is a common site in Cairo and some other Arab cities. Morocco may have an answer.


Egypt’s New Science Advisor Wants to Dig For Gold

Benjamin Plackett | 18 May 2015

A new science advisor to Egypt’s prime minister is reviewing research proposals and advocating for a revival of gold mining.

Democracy Research Students

Arab Youth Doubt Democracy Will Be Delivered

Benjamin Plackett | 28 Apr 2015

Findings from a region-wide survey reveal the hopes and concerns of university-age adults.

Health & Medicine Research Students

In the UAE, Calls for Health-Care Education to Expand

Sarah Lynch | 27 Apr 2015

The demand for health care education is clear. The question is how to meet it, say United Arab Emirates educators.

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