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One Solution for a “Water-Stressed” Future?

Benjamin Plackett | 30 Jul 2014

A Moroccan engineer says desalination plants could help a country with no oil but lots of coast and sunshine.


Data Show Arab Scientists Making More Impact

Benjamin Plackett | 27 Jul 2014

The most commonly used measure of how much impact scientists have shows progress in some Arab countries.


The Twin Missions of a Moroccan Scientist

Benjamin Plackett | 23 Jul 2014

A Moroccan scientist turned an endangered tree into a source of income for cooperatives of women that sell its oil.

Research Students

A Student Network to Support Arab Innovation

Rasha Faek | 14 May 2014

A student program tries to bridge the gap between academia and industry and encourage innovation.


Population Growth Compounds Climate Change

Emma Gatten | 14 Apr 2014

In Egypt and Lebanon, population growth is exacerbating food and water shortages.

Academic Freedom Critical Thinking Religion Research

Do Human Evolution and Islam Conflict in the Classroom?

Sadia Khatri | 24 Mar 2014

A Moroccan professor who has taught evolution says she is a rarity in the country, an example of a broader debate.


For Social Scientists in Qatar, Context is Key

| 12 Mar 2014

Social scientists working in the Gulf country are learning to adopt their research to the local culture.

Administration Research

The Crucial Role of Data in Arab Higher Education

David Wheeler | 05 Mar 2014

At a gathering of those who do “institutional research” for Arab universities, the importance of their jobs became evident.

Data & Surveys Health & Medicine Research

The Arab World’s Health: Death by Lifestyle, Not Disease

| 11 Feb 2014

A first-of-its kind study surveys disability, illness, and causes of death in the 22 countries of the Arab League.

Internationalization Profiles Quality Control Research Teaching

A Conversation with the Head of the Association of Arab Universities

| 07 Feb 2014

Sultan Abu-Orabi, secretary general of a higher-education association, talks about the region’s challenges and opportunities.

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