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Making Higher Education Part of the Humanitarian Response to Refugees

Rasha Faek | 07 Dec 2014

Organizations are learning how to best deliver advanced education to young Syrian refugees.

Health & Medicine Refugees

Health Warning: Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Breeding Here

| 04 Nov 2014

A few researchers are tracing the growing spread of bacteria in Arab countries that could result in untreatable infections.


An International Grant Will Boost Syrian Children’s Education

| 28 Oct 2014

A recent international donation will make it possible for more than 220,000 Syrian students to enroll in the schools of neighboring countries.


Simple But Effective Ways to Improve Refugee Education

Oula Abu-Amsha | 16 Oct 2014

Letting Syrian teachers into the classrooms of the host country and working with Syrian parents could improve the Syrian refugee children’s schooling, the author says.


In Kurdistan, New Refugees Wonder About Education

| 02 Oct 2014

Many of the 1.8 million Iraqi refugees who have fled their homes in 2014 are living in Kurdish schools but also searching for education.

Refugees Scholarships

Efforts to Help Syria’s “Lost Generation” Disappointing So Far

| 29 Sep 2014

With the effort to educate Syrian students only reaching a fraction of them, fundraisers seek alternatives to study abroad.


Greek Drama Finds New Life In Syrian Women

Gioia Forster | 26 Sep 2014

Refugees stage a classic play and splice modern tragedy into an ancient script.

Refugees Students

Video: The Challenge of Education in a Refugee Camp

| 22 Sep 2014

Al-Fanar Media visited Zaatari camp, the world’s second-largest refugee camp, and got an exclusive video report about Syrian students there.


As the School Year Starts, Many Refugees are Shut Out

| 15 Sep 2014

As conflict arcs through a cluster of Arab countries, a whole generation may be sidelined from education.


Arab Students Grow Community Roots with “Service Learning”

Sarah Lynch | 29 Aug 2014

Some educators argue students can systematically blend community work with classroom experience to broaden the knowledge they get.

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