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Refugees Study Abroad

One Syrian-Palestinian’s Quest for a Master’s Degree

Riham Alkousaa | 01 Sep 2015

A student’s attempt to get a master’s degree shows the obstacles blocking refugees from reaching their educational goals.

Refugees Scholarships

A Statistical Portrait of Syrian Students’ Frustration

Riham Alkousaa | 01 Sep 2015

The number of Syrian students seeking scholarships and the number of scholarships available are drastically imbalanced.


New Universities To Teach Syrian Refugees

Benjamin Plackett | 31 Aug 2015

Some entrepreneurs believe universities tailored to Syrian refugees could help the “lost generation.” But skeptics abound.

Curriculum Refugees

A Syrian Organization in Exile Promotes the Country’s Curriculum

Motiaa Hallak | 05 Aug 2015

A Syrian organization supports Syrian students’ education in Lebanon but in a controversial way—using the Syrian curriculum.

Conflict Refugees

A Room Of Their Own: Makeshift Schools Help Syrian Students

Al-Fanar Correspondent in Syria | 11 Jun 2015

Informal schools operated out of people’s homes are replacing government institutions ravaged by war.

Refugees Scholarships

A New University Hopes to Give Refugees Educational Wings

Katharina Wecker | 25 May 2015

A multicultural effort based in Germany is trying to remove the barriers facing refugee youth who seek higher education.


Even in Egypt, Syrian Refugees Struggle to Access Higher Education

Sarah Lynch | 06 Apr 2015

Some refugees are unable to afford costs associated with getting undergraduate degrees or to pay fees for masters’ or doctoral degrees, leaving them in limbo.


A Palestinian Journey: A Student Discovers New Freedoms

Asma' Jawabreh | 18 Mar 2015

A student brought up in a refugee camp encounters life without restrictions, and contemplates its meaning.

Conflict Politics Refugees

To Be Syrian and a Professor: Recipe for Tragedy

Wassim Abdo | 06 Feb 2015

Syrian academics can stay in their country at great risk, or flee to potential unemployment elsewhere.

Finances Refugees Scholarships Study Abroad

In Brussels, an Emergency Call for Higher Education

Rasha Faek | 12 Jan 2015

A Brussels conference became a brainstorming session for those trying to make sure refugee youth get the higher education that they need.

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