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Refugees Scholarships

The Syrian Journey: Choose a Route to Higher Education

Rasha Faek | 08 Mar 2016

Use our interactive graphic to understand the choices Syrian students make as they seek higher education in the countries neighboring Syria.

Refugees Scholarships Technology & Online Learning

Scholarship Programs Gear Up to Help Syrian Youth

Ursula Lindsey | 07 Mar 2016

After many years of delay, new scholarship programs are beginning to help Syrian students, participants in an Istanbul workshop learned.

Faculty Refugees

Syrian Professor’s Plea: Make Us Part of the Solution

Ammar Al-Ibrahim | 28 Feb 2016

A Syrian professor calls for educational institutions in the neighboring countries to benefit from Syrian professors’ experiences.


The Lack of Academic Documents is Ending Young Peoples’ Dreams

Rasha Faek | 25 Feb 2016

In countries neighboring Syria, Syrian students who don’t have official copies of academic documents are often shut out of education.

Curriculum Faculty Refugees Students

2016 Prediction: Individuals Not Governments Spur Educational Change

Rasha Faek | 13 Jan 2016

With the chances low for real change in educational policies in the region, the author believes informal initiatives may make an important difference.


Resources From a Workshop on Delivering Higher Education to Syrian Refugees

| 11 Dec 2015

A report, bibliography, video and Powerpoints from a workshop about helping Syrian refugees get into higher education.

Arabic Arts & Culture Literature & Translation Refugees

An Arabic-Language Bookstore Devoted to Changing Stereotypes

Rasha Faek | 03 Dec 2015

Two Syrians are trying to use a bookstore to present a different image of their countrymen and spread Arab culture.


Bibliography on Syrian Refugees and Higher Education

| 03 Dec 2015

A comprehensive collection of reports, research and news articles on the subject of getting Syrian refugees into higher education.


Report and Video: Helping Syrian Youth Get Into Higher Education

Al-Fanar Media Reporting Team | 03 Dec 2015

A recent workshop organized by Al-Fanar Media in Istanbul brought together organizations trying to deliver higher education to Syrian refugees.

Refugees Students

The Resilient Spirit of the Syrians

David Wheeler | 14 Oct 2015

Some Syrians show a determination to turn the “lost generation” of Syrian youth into a found generation.

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