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Erasmus Student Network’s Chief Wants More to Experience Study Abroad

Mohammad El Hawary | 01 Jul 2022

Juan Rayón González says the hundreds of thousands of young people who have studied abroad with the network’s help can help tackle international challenges.

Curriculum Development Employment Refugees Students

Learning to Earning: Forum Focuses on a Critical Transition for Youth

Tarek Abd El-Galil | 27 Jun 2022

Four United Nations agencies recently convened a meeting in Jordan to discuss the skills young people need to transition from school to jobs.

Faculty Profiles Refugees

Yemeni Scholar in Exile Studies Policies to Empower Women

Amr EL-Tohamy | 20 Jun 2022

Nadia Al-Sakkaf, a former Yemeni minister forced to flee her homeland, talks about her struggle to seek asylum and continue her research. Pull-Out Quotes:

Faculty Profiles Refugees

Banned Syrian Refugee Communicates With Her Country Through Her Research

Amr EL-Tohamy | 18 Jun 2022

Rahaf Aldoughli came to the U.K. as a doctoral student on a government scholarship. Her status changed to refugee after she criticised the policies of the Syrian regime.

Faculty Profiles Refugees

Libyan Academic in Britain Perseveres to a Ph.D. Despite Hardships and Disease

Amr EL-Tohamy | 17 Jun 2022

Jehan Alswaihli talks about the difficulties she faced after fleeing the conflict in Libya and the need for more support for scholars like her in rebuilding their lives abroad.

Conflict Faculty Profiles Refugees Social Sciences

Academics in Exile: Hadeel Abdelhameed’s Journey from Iraq to Australia

Amr EL-Tohamy | 15 Jun 2022

As the world observes World Refugee Day, Hadeel Abdelhameed relates how she fled a conflict zone and rebuilt her academic career in Australia.

Inequality Politics Refugees Scholarships Students

U.N. Outlines 15 Steps for Helping Refugees Access Higher Education

Tarek Abd El-Galil | 12 Jun 2022

A recent policy paper from two U.N. agencies has 15 recommendations for host countries on how to help refugees surmount barriers to higher education.

Academic Freedom Conflict Human Rights Refugees Research Science

Academic Groups Urge Global Support for Ukraine’s Displaced Scientists

Gilgamesh Nabeel | 07 Jun 2022

International academic groups are urging the global science community to advocate for helping Ukraine’s displaced scientists and scholars.

Arts & Culture Liberal Arts Literature & Translation Refugees

‘The Last Resort’: Documentary Tells the Story of European Refugees in Egypt

Mona Abu Al-Nasr | 02 Jun 2022

A documentary film recounts the little-known story of El Shatt, a refugee camp near Suez that sheltered thousands of Europeans during World War II.

Arts & Culture Literature & Translation Publishing Refugees

France Makes Yemeni Writer Ali Al-Muqri a Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters

Amr EL-Tohamy | 11 May 2022

Now living in Paris, the novelist and poet says he hopes the cultural honour will focus more attention on the neglected realm of Arabic literature in translation.

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