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Emirates’ Strong Research Growth Is Charted by New Study

Benjamin Plackett | 13 Feb 2020

The United Arab Emirates has seen an average growth in research produced of 15 percent annually over almost two decades. Its strategy offers lessons for other Arab countries.

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How Can Young Saudi Men Be Brought Into the Private Sector?

Mark C. Thompson, Neil Quilliam | 18 Jun 2019

New research reveals that, despite the Vision 2030 plan, the majority still expect a public-sector job for life. But a shift in approach to education could change that.


Another Arab University Ranking is Out. But Is It Needed?

Benjamin Plackett | 12 Jun 2015

Arab universities are now judged by three rankings companies, but some experts doubt the value of the exercise.


The Arab World Lags Behind in the ‘Green’ Universities Movement

Wagdy Sawahel | 03 Mar 2015

Jordan leads the Arab region in having environmentally conscious higher-education institutions.

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Jordanian Higher Education Flunks a National Test

Saba Abu Farha | 20 Feb 2015

The quality of Jordanian universities is being called into question after the announcement that many of their students failed an important exam.


The Top Five Research Universities in MENA? Maybe

Benjamin Plackett | 03 Feb 2015

A ranking of research institutions in the Arab world by Times Higher Education varies widely from those of other organizations.

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What will 2015 Mean for Arab Universities?

Wagdy Sawahel | 22 Jan 2015

Scholars and administrators interested in Arab higher education review the past year and look ahead in 2015.

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Turkey’s Foundation Universities: Model for the Region?

Sarah Lynch | 13 Jan 2015

Wealthy business leaders in Turkey have, for decades now, poured much of their money into cultural foundations that have also established universities.


Turkish Delight: Rising in the University Rankings

Sarah Lynch | 05 Dec 2014

Turkish universities have done well in new rankings results released this fall.


Times Higher Education Ranking Finds Growing Strengths

| 02 Oct 2014

A relatively obscure Moroccan institution is the Arab leader in the new THE ranking.

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