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Arts & Culture Conflict Publishing

Syrian Art Thrives, Defying Violence

Soraya Morayef | 14 Jun 2014

A new book collects the art and writing that have prospered in the midst of great suffering.


Writing a Thesis Without Tears

Nadine El Sayed | 19 Apr 2014

Tips from a Ph.D. student on how to plan and write a thesis without losing your mind.


Annual Country Reports Accessible to Academics

Nadine El Sayed | 08 Apr 2014

A library of 220 annual reports on 38 emerging markets is one of many resources available to Arab scholars and students.


Take Advantage of Open-Access Publishing

Maha Bali | 25 Mar 2014

Researchers can broaden the benefits of research with new forms of online publication, the author says.


A Year in Education Journalism

Rasha Faek | 11 Mar 2014

An Al-Fanar Media editor reflects on her experiences in the publication’s first year.


Beating Writer’s Block

David Wheeler | 25 Feb 2014

Difficulty getting started writing can often be traced to other problems. But those problems have solutions.

Arabic Publishing

Arabterm: An Online Technical Dictionary

Rasha Faek | 27 Jan 2014

An Arab translation platform standardizes reference terms in technical and scientific sectors.


A Map for the Maze of Open-Access Publishing

Maha Bali | 25 Nov 2013

Some misconceptions about open-access publishing may be unnecessarily scaring off some authors.

Arabic Critical Thinking Publishing

A New Beirut-Based Journal About Urban Change

Emma Gatten | 08 Oct 2013

Trying to spark a dialogue about cities and culture, a poet and a designer in Beirut weave their visions to create a journal of stories and critical writing.


Universities Missing in Action in a New Egyptian Literary Wave

Daria Solovieva | 13 Aug 2013

Egyptian youth are churning out a vibrant new stream of literature. But with a few exceptions, higher-education support for the movement is nowhere to be seen.

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