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Volunteer-Run Kindergarten in Upper Egypt Serves a Culturally Deprived Area

Sayyid Mahmoud | 02 Mar 2022

The Abdel Rahim Scientific Kindergarten provides educational and cultural services to deprived children in Deshna, south of Cairo. It won a national incentive award last fall.

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Egyptian Academic Is at Heart of Growing Arab Interest in Teaching Chinese

Sayyid Mahmoud | 18 Feb 2022

Hassanein Fahmy Hussein, an Egyptian academic working in Saudi Arabia, talks about his experience teaching Chinese in Arab universities.

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Syrian Publishers in Exile Spread Arabic Culture in New Homes

Amr EL-Tohamy | 17 Feb 2022

Two Syrians who started publishing houses after fleeing their homeland talk about the rewards and challenges of their experiences.

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New Arabic Textbook Is Designed to Enhance Skills of Native Speakers

Amr EL-Tohamy | 15 Feb 2022

A professor of Arabic in Qatar has written a textbook that seeks to counter a decline in the public use of Arabic among inheritors of the language.

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Trying to Measure Arab Research Quality in a Western-Dominated System

Tarek Kapiel | 14 Feb 2022

New indexes seek to compensate for the lack of visibility of Arab academic research under a classification system dominated by Western institutions.

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Applications Open for Third Khairy Shalaby Award

Mona Abu Al-Nasr | 12 Feb 2022

The aim of a competition honouring the late Egyptian writer Khairy Shalaby is to encourage new literary talent in Arabic.

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53rd Cairo International Book Fair Opens with Greece as Guest of Honour

Sayyid Mahmoud | 27 Jan 2022

More than 1,000 publishers from 51 countries are participating in the latest running of the Cairo International Book Fair, amid coronavirus precautions.

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‘Murder for Amateurs’: Ahmed Mourad on Writing as the Craft of Killing Boredom

Mona Abu Al-Nasr | 24 Jan 2022

In his new book, the Egyptian novelist Ahmed Mourad talks about the art of writing and storytelling, and how to become “a professional killer of boredom.”

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Made in Egypt: Book Tells the Stories of Forgotten Creators of Modern Life

Mona Abu Al-Nasr | 13 Jan 2022

In the second volume of “Egypt’s Craftsmen”, Omar Taher gives credit to the forgotten creators of products that shaped Egypt’s daily life for decades.

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Revisiting the Past in Books That Blend Fiction and Facts

Sayyid Mahmoud | 11 Jan 2022

Egyptian critics and writers discuss a literary trend of revisiting the past through personalized remembrances and novels based on facts.

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